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indulge publisher profile

Who Is Bisi Abiola?

Indulge publisher profile is about Bisi Abiola, Ph.D. She is an International Development, Wellness, and Human Capital Development Consultant. Dr. Bisi Abiola is the founder of the Indulge™ group of companies, a healthy-living-focused group. As well as the publisher of the online health and wellness magazine – a one-stop for information on a healthy living lifestyle

Early Inspiration

A passionate believer in a healthy lifestyle, living in the UK made it easy for her to pursue a health and fitness regime. However, upon returning to Africa, she realised it was difficult to pursue these aims. So, from her struggles and ultimate success in incorporating a healthy lifestyle on her home continent, the seeds for Indulge™ were sown.  

As a result, her desire to spread the gospel of a healthy lifestyle in a continent ravaged by famine and poor health facilities encouraged her to commence advocacy for healthy living. Subsequently, Indulge activities began in 2002 with the launch of Indulge in Healthy Living: Feel and Look Great for Life (2002). This was followed by a bi-monthly publication of Indulge Health & Fitness Magazine in November 2004. And five years later an additional book to its library: Health and Fitness Handbook’ (2009).

indulge publisher profile

Indulge soon diverged slightly by focusing on the impact of inspiration on emotional wellness. Consequently is the publication of Waving in the Wind (2014), a collection of real-life stories. The major message of Waving in the Wind is that life is a mix of ups and downs. But staying on top should be the final goal.


Bisi Abiola is a graduate of Oxford University, the London School of Economics (University of London), and Aberdeen University in the United Kingdom. Seemingly, her academic qualifications and experience in the workings of international, regional, or multi-national commissions place her in a good position to handle consultancy briefs. Particularly on the role of international organizations in the social, economic, and human capital development in Africa.

Training Expertise

In view of her passion and dedication to health and wellness Dr. Bisi Abiola has handled various training on How To Implement Healthy Living in the Workplace. These training and seminars have been mainly for corporate organisations and not-for-profit organisations (NGOs) locally, as well as overseas. She has also collaborated with the Nigeria Heart Foundation several times on healthy living issues.

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Current Status

Bisi Abiola is the Managing Director/CEO of Indulge Nigeria Limited and Indulge Cares Nigeria Limited. The two companies are promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for the prevention of illnesses and diseases.


Bisi Abiola is a widow and has a son. She spends her time between Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria. In addition loves to spend vacation time in her second home, the UK. Her efforts to live what she preaches mean devoting quality time to relaxation. In view of this, she loves to read, write, and listen to mind and soul-healing music. And the real deal is her devotion to fitness and exercise.

Finally, she often caps her passion for health and fitness with the catchphrase “there is no age limit to looking and feeling good”.

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