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How to Get the Benefits of Healthy Living

My name is Bisi Abiola. I am passionate about a healthy lifestyle. It is my life. The good news? I have published three books and several issues of Indulge magazine on health and fitness. Most importantly, I have enjoyed the benefits of healthy living for over thirty years – great stamina, youthful look, and feel. I believe there is no shortcut to wellbeing. It is important to eat well and exercise.  Therefore, this website shares my experience and perception of how you can feel and look great for life.  Perceptions based on scientific facts, of course.





Indulge organization is a healthy living focused and advocacy group. Accordingly, the core message of Indulge in Healthy Living is that it is a good thing to be passionate about a healthy living lifestyle.  This is because a healthy living lifestyle enables you to feel and look great for life. In addition, the cheery news is that indulging in healthy living need not be expensive, time-consuming, or unattainable.


Indulge commenced its activities in 2002 with the launch of the book Indulge in Healthy Living: Feel and Look Great for Life (2002). This was followed by a bi-monthly publication of Indulge Health & Fitness in November 2004.  And then five years later was another publication, Health and Fitness Handbook (2009).

In 2014, Indulge diverged a bit by focusing on the impact of inspiration on emotional wellness.  And published Waving in the Wind (2014).  This is a collection of real-life stories.  The major message of Waving in the Wind is that life is a mix of ups and downs. However,  staying on top should be the ultimate goal.


Our vision is to be the first truly health-conscious indigenous healthy living advocacy group.  An organization that is driven by the need to enhance the total wellbeing of Africans through information sharing on health and fitness. As well as stress and weight management, beauty, and self-development.


Our mission is to promote the well-being of men and women living in Africa, and overseas. Also to improve the quality of their lives, while imparting knowledge on how to live healthily in a natural and stress-free way.

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