Exercising At Work With Minimum Sweat

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exercising at work with minimum sweat

Exercising at work with minimum sweat is the solution to the negative impact on your physical and mental health after long hours of sitting down at work. The majority of workers spend long hours chained to a desk only to return home to spend the next five hours on the couch moving from one Digital TV channel while bingeing.

Workers give many reasons such as lack of time due to work schedule. For instance, spending between 8 hours to 10 hours at your home office desk, or at the office, impedes your motivation to exercise. However, being at work shouldn’t disrupt your need for good health and fitness.  This is because there are many quick and easy ways to move your body and get fit without leaving your desk space and with minimum sweat

8 Ways Exercising At Work With Minimum Sweat

exercising at work with minimum sweat

The key to a fast and effective office workout with minimum sweat is to exercise just enough to get your heart rate up, but not so high that you overheat. The exercise doesn’t have to elicit intense perspiration but it should be challenging.  Here are 8 ways to stay healthy and fit while you’re at work.

Quick workouts without leaving your desk

exercising at work with minimum sweat

There are many workouts you can do without getting up from your desk. Although you won’t work up a sweat, it doesn’t mean you’re not working your muscles and building your strength. So try some of the awesome low-impact exercises while sitting at your desk:

  • Seated Leg Raises
  • Chair Dips
  • Seated Torso Twist
  • Arm Curls
  • Seated Squats
  • Glute Squeeze

5 minutes every hour to stand and stretch

exercising at work with minimum sweat

Sitting at your desk for hours is not good for your health. So it’s vital to take 5 minutes every hour to get your blood flowing. This not only helps you relieve muscle tension from too long sitting but also gives you a refreshing mental break to revitalize your focus. Therefore, set a reminder every hour on your laptop if you need a gentle reminder.

Ensure your sitting arrangement is optimal

If your sitting arrangement is below par, it’s likely you will get aches and pains from a bad office setting. So the tips below ensure you pass the ergonomic work setup test.

  • The top of your computer screen should be in line (or slightly above) with your eye level.
  • You should be sitting about an arm’s length from the screen
  • Your chair should be supporting your whole spine
  • Your back-rest should be slightly reclined to be 10-20 degrees from vertical
  • Your hips and knees should be comfortably bent at a right angle
  • Your feet should be on the floor or supported by a firm footrest

Drink enough water to stay hydrated

Hydration plays a huge role in your brain function and energy levels. So keep a water bottle on your desk and keep sipping to stay healthy at work.  Also, drinking enough water is necessary because dehydration makes you feel hungry which can result in snacking and poor food.

Increase your steps

exercising at work with minimum sweat

One major error you might make is to try and do all your 10,000 daily steps in one activity. This can be challenging for you and has no additional health benefit. Hence it’s much better and easier to allow regular bursts of exercise to accumulate throughout the day. This will increase your incidental activity naturally.

Take a step out for some fresh air 

exercising at work with minimum sweat

In order to assist the accumulation of daily 10,000 steps, take a step out into the fresh air. This doesn’t only help shore up your steps but you also get some vitamin D in the process. So switch off from work, take a deep breath, and get outside for at least 10 minutes during your lunch break.  You should aim to do this without any electrical devices.

Avoid unhealthy peer pressure at work

The truth is you don’t have to go along with your co-workers’ unhealthy habits such as unhealthy lunches, or excessive after-work socializing and drinking. You shouldn’t cave into unhealthy peer pressure because of your new positive attitude to exercise. And being aware of what your body needs, remain firm, and have the courage to follow your own path. Besides no one is ever going to care about your health like you do.

Find a healthy peer group for support

If you find exercising at work with minimum sweat a difficult task. If you can’t do it alone and need help, you may want to join a healthy group for support.  

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