Reviving Your Mind With Feel-Great Foods

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reviving your mind with feel-great foods

Reviving your mind with feel-great foods is a great idea that encourages you to eat certain foods each day rather than worry about what foods to avoid. You can call them feel-great foods.

For instance, if you’ve been suffering from obesity for years and now have the chance to change to a healthy eating lifestyle; feel-great foods are your best bet. This is because being 20kg overweight for example will have included years of yo-yo dieting and crash workout programs that will compromise your health in the long run.

So, imagine if you discover a new approach to eating and the benefits of reviving your mind with feel-great foods. It’s very likely within a week; your energy level will rise. Besides you will have lost about 5kg within the first week, and 15kg after three months. And the most exciting is shedding the weight almost without thinking about it.

Additionally, a 2017 study also found that eating certain vegetables, fruits, and sweets made people feel happier. Likewise, dinner and snacking both gave people good food feel.

How To Start Reviving Your Mind With Feel-Great Foods

reviving your mind with feel-great foods

All you have to do is to select from the list of feel-great foods for most of your meal and snack choices: for example nuts of all kinds, low-fat cheeses, and even burgers on a whole wheat bun.

The feel-great foods list includes all sorts of possibilities for your daily meals and snacks.  The list of feel-great foods is your starter kit for wiping away those uneven days. Hence follow the list and you can start to eat to feel good from the first day. Moreover, feel-great foods are backed by several studies that connect food to mood. Here are some feel-great meals, snacks, and drinks selections:


Salmon and green vegetable salad

Egg omelets with wholegrain bread

Burgers, Roast or barbeque chicken, or Pizza

Enjoy a plate of spaghetti bolognese

Black Beans and sweet corn casserole

Cook beef stew with vegetables

Spice with garlic and ginger


reviving your mind with feel-great foods

Eat nuts or low-fat cheese

Fruits and vegetables

Coconut crisps or chips

Peanut and honey sandwich

Drinks and beverages

Drink a strong cup of coffee in the morning

Green tea is healing

Water cleanses and hydrates

A moderate amount of red wine is OK too

Hot cocoa, in fact, you should end every day with a cup of hot cocoa

Benefits of Feel-Great Foods to Your Mind and Body

reviving your mind with feel-great foods

Feel-great foods eating plan is a gentler approach to taking care of your mind and body for the following benefits:

  • You never feel hungry at any point during the day or week. And this is a great thing for you if your aim is to shed weight. You will glow and lose weight too.
  • There will be no more self-abuse through deprivation. No more days with so little energy that you can barely get out of bed. No more days where you feel so mean that you hurt the people you love or ignore the office colleagues who are most critical to your job success.
  • The weight loss will take care of itself. Some of the feel-great foods are the usual, such as fruits and vegetables. But nutrition research clearly shows certain fruits and veggies are super mood-boosters, either fresh or flash-frozen: Bananas, blueberries, broccoli, dark and leafy greens, mangoes, papaya, watermelon, oranges, pomegranates, spinach, and strawberries.
  • The effectiveness of feel-great foods proven by science when tried with a wide range of people including elite athletes, businesspeople and mothers with young kids showed better real life.
  • Feel-great foods diet plan helps to boost mental energy, physical energy, focus, and exuberance.
  • Another important part of the feel-great Foods program that everybody loves is that even if you eat junk, you still need to eat your daily share of feel-great foods. But you do have to count the calories. In other words, it does not matter if you ate half a chocolate cake; you still want to eat all the foods on the plan that make you feel great. After all, as long as you keep feeling great, you would not feel bad eating the other half of the cake. This is contrary to the guilt that comes with popular deprivation diets which just drive you to eat more cake, and not get back on track.


Finally, reviving your mind with feel-great foods will change your whole attitude from foods that “I can’t eat”, to “making healthy food choices”.

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