Ways Oral Hygiene Benefits Your Relationship

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ways oral hygiene benefits your relationship

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Ways oral hygiene benefits your relationship isolates five benefits from oral health habits to your marriage and other personal interactions. Yes, oral hygiene protects your teeth and gums from damaging bacteria. But the benefits of oral hygiene also extend to nearly every aspect of your life, including your relationships. Therefore ignoring oral hygiene can indirectly damage your relationships or hinder you from finding one. For instance, tooth decays, and unclean gums, cheeks, and tongue cause bad breath. Similarly, foul-smelling and crooked stained teeth decrease attractiveness. And nobody is likely to want to kiss those mouths.  

On the other hand, a great smile and fresh-smelling breath get you friends, and dating partners, and enable enjoyable talks with families.  This article identifies 5 ways oral hygiene benefits your relationship. They include a great smile; white sparkling teeth; fresh breath; intimacy boost; and increased sexual desire.

Great Smile  

 A great smile is a great start to a happy and healthy relationship. A smile is one of your strongest features when it comes to attracting a partner, dating, or keeping a partner. While the eyes are the door to our souls, the smile is the key to our hearts.

A recent survey found that a great smile is the single most important factor for both men and women in choosing potential partners.  This is because a beautiful smile immediately impacts your dating game. There are many reasons why a clean, beautiful smile makes a good impression. For example, a healthy smile instantly makes you appear kinder, more approachable, and more confident.  So If you want to upbeat your dating game and looking for a perfect match, a great smile is very important.

White Sparkling Teeth

ways oral hygiene benefits your relationship

Research showed that 71% of women and 58% of men say that attractive teeth was important in a potential partner. In fact, the first thing both women and men notice about a date is their teeth. Yellow-stained crooked teeth are a put-off, while white sparkling teeth are a sign of personal care, good health, and hygiene.

Fresh Breath

ways oral hygiene benefits your relationship

Imagine looking across the room and seeing this beautiful smile. As you go over and start a conversation you are hit with this overwhelming smell. So, just like your good teeth and beautiful smile, your breath is something your date is aware of immediately. Hence, while pleasant mouth smell attracts, unpleasant smells can turn off your potential partner and can stop your date from kissing you. In any case, why would you want someone’s saliva in your mouth if they have bad breath? You will never forget the smell and the taste of bad breath in your mouth.  

And when it comes to long-term relations bad breath may restrict intimacy or your partner’s response to physical closeness. So the reality is that bad breath gets in the way of dating. But by maintaining good oral hygiene you can prevent bad breath, and help your mouth become healthier and fresh-smelling.

Intimacy Boost

Everyone has different levels of intimacy and different ways of expressing it.  But imagine you wake up with your partner, and you both have bad morning breath. Will you still go for that affectionate kiss that may lead to spontaneous sex? Or just a peck and then sneak off to brush your teeth plus a mouthwash rinse?  Well, no right answers as these depend on different intimacy levels and chemistry. However, good morning oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth will certainly boost intimacy that may or may not lead to more.

Sexual Desire

One of the ways oral hygiene benefits your relationship is by giving your sexual desire a lift. However, you are likely to lose interest in sex if your partner has bad breath or gum disease. Gum disease has been linked to erectile dysfunction which is persistent trouble getting an erection or keeping an erection. Men with gum disease may be twice as likely or more to suffer erectile dysfunction than men without gum disease. In such a situation your sexual desire is on the low drive.


A healthy mouth boosts a healthy relationship. So if you want to maintain your relationship, begin to treat your mouth problems with good oral hygiene.

And if your partner is having a bad mouth experience, there are a number of ways that you can bring up the topic of oral hygiene. This is because many don’t even know they have an oral hygiene problem.  What you can do is try buying some different oral hygiene products such as toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, etc. You can also choose to book a dentist appointment for your partner. But whatever you do ensure you give lots of encouragement and support.

Finally, it’s important to address your dental health now, so that you can feel confident in your present and future relationships. Actually, keeping good oral hygiene is easy. But if any problems arise, seek the right help and support from dental health experts.

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