5 Daily High Stressors And Solutions

5 daily high stressors and solutions

5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Stress

5 daily high stressors and solutions refer to the challenges of day-to-day living, and how to face those challenges in a healthy manner. These include daily sudden stressors like car problems, meeting an unexpected deadline at work, or a traffic jam. As well as high stressors that involve normal tasks such as parenting, or commuting between work and home. Read to find out more about these 5 daily high stressors and solutions:

Car Problems

Imagine the scenario when you are ready to go to work. You stepped into your car, and turn the key to start the car, but no sound of life. You got out of the car, opened the bonnet, and fiddled with the engine or battery a little bit, though you have no clue what’s wrong. Or perhaps the car started but took you down a mile before it started spurting and went dead. The worse thing is that you ran out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. Either of the scenarios will trigger stress and anxiety.


Running out of gas or having engine problems can put you in a very bad mood. Since you can’t do without fuel, you need to use it more efficiently and make it last longer. This is where Fuel Factor X comes in. It reduces dangerous emissions, increases fuel mileage, and saves you money. Besides, Fuel FActor X improves your car engine performance and prolongs its lifetime. So all you need to do is just pour it into your tank and it goes right to work!


5 daily high stressors and solutions include other tips that prevent sudden car problems such as:

Faulty engine. If your engine has problems it will consume more fuel. So check it.

Poor fuel. Avoid adulterated or compromised fuel. Fill your fuel tank from a trusted source.

Wrong engine oil. One of the reasons your car consumes more fuel could be engine oil. This is a vital element that your engine needs to function properly. For your information, there are several engine oil grades available. You should be careful what goes into your engine.

Lack of maintenance. If you ignore your car’s service intervals then you will surely burn more fuel as your engine won’t run smoothly.

Unexpected Work Deadline

5 daily high stressors and solutions

Unexpected work is a major cause of missed deadlines which creates stress. Equally kills brain cells and lessens creativity. Besides the associated stress can have a debilitating effect on your health.


Estimate the project as accurately as you can. The best way to do this is usually to break the project down into smaller tasks, And then estimate how long each task will take. You can also use your records from previous projects.

Traffic Jam

Traffic jam earns a place in 5 daily high stressors and solutions. One of the stress triggers while driving during a traffic jam is impatience. You find it difficult to wait for the traffic to move. You’re intolerant and unable to handle motorists’ mistakes on the road. Therefore, impatience, if not controlled from the start, tends to turn into resentment, aggressive driving, and anger. All of these can lead to road rage.


Try to remember that being late may be inconvenient. But it’s probably not a terrible thing. The possibility is that your lateness will be forgotten 30 minutes after your arrival. And unless you are a habitual latecomer, most people will understand. The reality is that unexpected traffic jams happen to everyone.

Similarly, control your physical reaction. It’s not a good idea to inch your car forward or get out of your car to see what’s going on. Or anxiously check your phone for traffic updates. The more you fret over the traffic jam, the harder it will be to stay calm. Instead listen to some music, a podcast, or an audiobook.

Parenting Stress

Can kids stress you out? Of course, they can, and it’s normal to feel stressed. Unfortunately, parenting stress damages your well-being. And may change the course of your child’s development. So what is parenting stress? It is the distress you experience when you feel you just can’t cope as a parent. This is because you feel the demands being placed on you are too high. And you don’t have the capability to meet them.


First of all, feeling overwhelmed is neither a reflection of your competence. Nor does it make you an inferior parent. Perhaps you’ve just got too much on your plate, hence the feelings of inadequacy, defensiveness, and guilt.

So, don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, take direct steps to improve your emotional well-being. Likewise, if you’ve recently had a baby, be aware of your mental health. Postpartum stress is a common problem, and so is postpartum depression.

Commuters Stress

5 daily high stressors and solutions

Commuting can be a major cause of stress because you can’t predict what’s going to happen or be able to control it. Furthermore, commuters can experience boredom, social isolation, anger, and frustration from problems like traffic or delays.


Make the most of commuting by including your interests to make it less boring and stressful. As such, listen to audiobooks or podcasts on topics you find engaging. Because it’s a simple and great way to be mentally active during travel time.

You can also try to shift commute time to non-rush hours.  For instance, schedule at-home Zoom meetings during the morning rush hour and leave for work after peak travel hours. By doing this you will significantly reduce the time and stress linked to heavy traffic or full trains and buses.

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