4 Body Parts That Age You

4 body parts that age you

When Your Diet Is Ageing You

4 body parts that age you explains how to take years off without spending a fortune and choosing the right weapons against ageing signs.

The reality is that the 4 body parts that age you get worse with one year added to your age at the start of a New Year. And in order to prevent and reverse these telltale signs of ageing, you must be armed with effective tips to help you turn back the clock.

Most women are very conscious of every little wrinkle on their face, but forget the other body parts that may be showing some wear and tear. So, now is the time to defy Mother Nature beyond your face, and deal with every ageing part.  This being said, remember that every sign of ageing boils down to changes in texture and colour. For example, the rich sheen of your hair begins to fade and skin that was smooth grows rough. Therefore from the whiteness of your teeth to the thickness of your hair, it’s important to address the problems from the head down to the toe.


4 body parts that age you

You don’t have to say a word about your age to your friends or associates. Because your sparkling teeth (or not so sparkling) will say it for you. Since nothing makes you look aged than a set of yellow stained teeth.

The fact is all those years of eating and drinking can leave your teeth yellow or grey. And if you smoke, or take countless cups of black coffee, forget it. Also, the size and shape of your teeth matter. For example, young-looking teeth are vibrant, with clean, rounded edges. While older ones are small, worn out and chipped. In addition, your gums may recede over time and leave you looking as if you have gaps between your teeth.

Turn back the clock

Peroxide-based whiteners deep-clean and brighten. Try Crest Whitestrips Renewal. Plus, a dentist’s treatment will give you striking results in just one day, though at a much higher price. If your teeth are worn, ask your dentist about a bite guard to prevent grinding. Similarly to correct tiny or damaged teeth, ask about crowns, veneers, and recontouring. And for gum-recession gaps, you may want to consider caps.

Neck & Chest

4 body parts that age you

Much like your face, if you look below your chin, that area has suffered environmental damage from the sun, wind, and pollution. This environmental damage is written all over your neck and chest. While your face may look a lot better than your neck and chest if you use moisturizer, wrinkle concealer, etc. Your neck and chest may be leathery, spotted, or deeply wrinkled. That contrast says you are older than your face reveals.

Turn back the clock

It’s important to treat the skin of your neck and chest just as you would your face. Hence, every day apply creams with antioxidants like vitamins A and C. But your doctor can use a combination of chemical peels and a laser to fade age spots and firm up sagging skin. Likewise, Botox injections in the vocal cord area can improve the look of a wrinkled neck. Besides you can slow further damage by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.


4 body parts that age you

With the hair, you’re facing three ageing factors. They are time, chemicals from dyes and relaxers, and environmental pollution. Depending on the level of exposure to these elements, it’s possible for a 30-year-old to have a 60-year-old hair-and vice versa.

There are signs for every cause of ageing hair. First is the dryness in the form of messy frizz and loss of shine. Second is hair that used to look good but is now thinning, dull or falling out.

Turn back the clock

Your hair will definitely look better if you take care of it. Since older hair is thirsty, the first thing you need to do is to give it moisture. So after every shampoo, use a protein or antioxidant-rich conditioner or treatment to strengthen, protect, and restore shine. Do keep in mind that the less often you wet your hair, the healthier it will be.

And if you colour your hair, it’s better to touch up just the new growth rather than recolour your whole hair. It’s equally important to soften your colour as you get older. This is because the same tone that looked good when you were younger can seem too harsh as you mature. Your haircut can also make a difference.  So ask for one with movement and bounce. Likewise, keep your ends trimmed and go easy on gels that stiffen hair. Since gelled hair always adds years.


4 body parts that age you

Hands take a daily bashing from harsh soaps and hot water. Thus, as you get older, your hands look bonier and veins become more visible due to reduced collagen production. Besides, sun spots from years of exposure to the sun become more pronounced. This is the reason why your hands are one of the 4 body parts that age you.

Turn back the clock

You don’t have to wear gloves. However, you do need to protect your hands with sunscreen, just as you need to apply hand cream. Remember to exfoliate regularly in order to improve circulation and texture. In the same way, moisturize frequently. And for skin that really shows the veins, ask your doctor about laser therapy to help the overall appearance of your hands.


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