Food Health Claims And Your Wellbeing

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food health claims and your wellbeing

Food health claims and your wellbeing examines the usefulness of foods and beverages with added vitamins and minerals to your overall health. Frequently, picking up a food product in a supermarket has become a challenge. This is because there are so many health claims about the product you wonder if you are in a drugstore or a supermarket.

Functional Beverage Role In Family Recreation

Impact Of Wellness On Foods And Beverages

In this world of fitness and wellness, there is a whole new wake-up call on wellness which many products are catching up on. Consequently, the assumption is that every product must be improving your health or prevent you from illness.

For instance, yogurts have several vitamins and minerals claiming to improve your immunity and digestion. Cereals and milk with omega-3 fats assert they will help your children study better while promoting heart health in adults. And then there are several drinks that promise you energy rejuvenation and promote restful sleep. Or even give you a youthful look.

Functional Food Health Claims And Your Wellbeing

food health claims and your wellbeing

Foods concealed as drugs are a booming business creeping into African supermarkets. Though may not be as flamboyant as what abounds in Europe and the US supermarkets.  Frequently, the Food and Drug Administration Control tries to put a lid on food claims. The major concern is how many of these claims are actually backed by any evidence. And even if they are, the reality is that these claims are unsubstantiated. Also, it’s unlikely you will be looking for a medical solution in a box of Kellogg’s bran flakes. Or in a half liter of natural yogurt.

In the end, you have to figure out for yourself what works and what does not. And which can be tough. For instance, it is difficult to tell foods that help a little from those that may do nothing. Even omega-3 fatty acids that are added to foods can be a source of confusion. Most times, the worry is whether there is any evidence that docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from fish oil protects your heart and develops your brain. Similarly, other omega-3s being put in foods have less evidence behind them. Therefore it may be difficult to tell what you are getting from the package label.

Functional Beverages Health Claims And Your Wellbeing

Things get even messier when drinks are classified as nutritional supplements and not beverages. This is even as some beverages can make claims that their nutrients help you sleep, or clean your bowels of toxins. The same goes for the various claims by energy and sports drinks that guarantee a four-mile run in ten minutes without resting. In the case of beverages like water, the major benefit is hydration. However, added vitamins and minerals in the water may present healthy bonuses.   

Bottom Line

food health claims and your wellbeing

The solution to the uncertainty over food health claims and your wellbeing is simple!! Don’t look for beauty or health claims or nutritional additives. What you should be getting is nutrition from real foods. And not from foods that are artificially modified to give ‘hypothetically’ health benefits that cannot even be validated.

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