Office Romance Rules To Know

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office romance rules to know

Managing Sexual Attraction At Work

Office romance rules to know will guide you on how to make sure you navigate through workplace romantic dates unharmed.

OK, you can’t take your eyes off the attractive woman in the cubicle next to you? Or have you got a thing for that tall, dark, and handsome office mate?  You are welcome to the sometimes delightful, often dreadful, world of dating in the workplace.

The nagging truth is whether you have affection for the chief executive officer or for a management trainee. Your decision to mix business and pleasure is practically never a good idea. Then again, sometimes office romance can be tempting. So here are five office romance rules to know.

Understand HR policy

 The signal out there is that not all companies have the same stance on office romance. Some companies allow it, while others discourage it. While a few even have formal policies that prohibit it. Therefore be aware and understand your company’s policy on office dating. Also, think about whether or not the relationship is worth the probable risks to your career.

Be Open And Honest

office romance rules to know

Once you decide to go ahead with your office romantic rendezvous, be open and honest with your employers and your coworkers. Trying to fool anyone in your office at this time won’t help. Since nothing is worse than dishonesty in these situations. Especially because most people are perceptive enough to know what is really going on. Hence, let your human resources and your employer know the story. And informally let your colleagues in on what’s happening. Definitely, you don’t need to give all the sizzling details. However, ensure that you are not letting dishonesty ruin your otherwise flawless reputation.

Avoid Using Office Computer For Romantic Emails

office romance rules to know

The last thing you want to start doing is using an office computer to send romantic messages. Save the romantic words for your sweetheart until office closing time. Emailing through the company computer is a sure bet for disaster. Just think about the embarrassment if that email recounts personal exchanges in public.

Try To Keep It Professional

office romance rules to know

If your new love crush is your boss or subordinate, don’t let that change the way you treat each other. Keep it professional as much as possible when at work. And save the hugging, romantic names, and special treatment for when you are outside the office. Additionally, no special favours, and avoid devoting all your time to one another. Likewise, being able to maintain equitable rapport with other coworkers is part of being a professional business person. After all, you never know when you might need those contacts’ assistance later in life.

Avoid Talking About The Relationship

If the relationship should break up, coming to work will certainly be nerve-racking. As well as being emotionally exhausting for a while. Nevertheless, you can keep tension out of the office as much as possible. This you can do by both of you agreeing not to talk about the relationship with other coworkers. Hence, take the wisdom road and try to maintain a respectful and professional appearance, particularly in front of others.

Bottom Line

office romance rules to know

Office romance rules to know will guide you in a situation where you can’t resist the lure of that beautiful girl or that handsome guy. In the end, you can follow your heart and give dating in the workplace a try. But remember to wear your heart on your sleeve. Equally, expect anything. This could either be a great romance or a disaster!

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