8 Ways To Melt Back Fat

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8 ways to melt back fat

Stress And Stomach Fat Connection

8 ways to melt back fat are simple rules that will help you rid that naughty back fat. Back fat is the extra rolls of fat popping up all over your back, from your bra line to your belt line. It is that type of fat that makes you rethink buying a skimpy top where the whole world can giggle at your spare skin folds. If you want to see your back fat, take a look in the mirror at your back while wearing a form-fitting blouse or sweater. You will notice that back fat poking out along your bra straplines, around your armpits, and above your waist.

Though back fat can occur at any age in men and women, it is worse after 40. So where does it come from? Back fat is a buildup of excess fat that occurs due to one or any combination of factors including:

  • Overweight or obese at any age through over eating with no exercise.
  • Genetics is where you distribute more of your fat to the back, even though you are slender.
  • Ethnicity where some groups tend to accumulate back fat more than others.
  • Lack of weight training to bring down body fat and increase muscle tone.
  • Over the age of 40 when the decline of sex hormones affects even the distribution of fat throughout your body.

So what can you do about back fat? Plenty!. Find below 8 ways to melt back fat and get that pre-40 smooth back once again.

Take Action

8 ways to melt back fat

Sit down and write an action plan. Be specific about your goals. You can start by taking measurements throughout your body so you know where to focus on. Likewise, take pictures for the visual impact if that will help persuade you. And most importantly be truthful about your expectations. For instance, dropping ½-1kg per week is normal. Also remember that the heavier you are to start, the more excess fat you will be removing. Thus, record your progress. Similarly develop a support system to guide you, like a weight management consultant.

Be Persistent

8 ways to melt back fat

Back fat is often one of those stubborn places that sometimes take longer to reduce. Be patient.

Be Realistic

8 ways to melt back fat

If you are over the age of 40, you may not be able to eliminate completely all of your back fat. But your goal should be to reduce it and make it less visible.

Don’t Expose It While Working On It

If you like to invite trouble in the form of super-tight tops, be careful. While you are shedding weight and getting fitter, try to wear looser, comfortable clothes. And keep out of sight your skimpy tops and skinny tight jeans. There are also great elasticized undergarments that help smooth out the fat.

Do Weight Training And Cardio

It’s going to be slow-burning trying to remove back fat with cardio alone. OK, so you will drop some weight. However, you need to reshape and redistribute fat. And only a combination of weight training and cardio will do that. Therefore, lift 2-3 x a week and focus on building strength and possibly boosting your muscle mass a bit.

Eat A Healthy Diet

While physical activity is good, then also is what you eat. The reality is that no one food or beverage will magically remove back fat.  Instead, it is all about eating a variety of healthy foods every day as explained below:

  • Quality: whole foods and lean proteins build the foundation for removing back fat.
  • Quantity: watch your portion size. Almost everyone out there is eating too much relative to their age and gender.
  • Frequency: eat every 3-4 hours from breakfast through dinner. Stop eating 2 hours before going to bed. Try to eat your dinner no later than 8-8.30 pm, and keep it lean (vegetables, lean protein). The best is to wake up in the morning feeling truly hungry.

Be Creative About Exercise

Again, no one specific exercise is the ultimate back fat cure. You need to draw from a variety of back strengthening and toning modalities. These you need to mix and change every 6 weeks to keep it fresh and challenging. The key is to have some fun and get adventuresome. You can take up belly dancing, hip hop, or twirl around a ballroom. Ballet is gone from the traditional to more jazzy dancing steps. And it is a terrific way to identify back flexibility and strength. In addition are martial arts, yoga, and Pilates. Each exercise uniquely singles out the back for a fat-melting workout.

Relish A Double Win

The fact is that the stronger the back the stronger the abs, and vice versa. You are working the central part of the body and what you do for one part helps the other.

Lastly, back fat is a fact of life. As a result, don’t waste precious time worrying about it. Rather, simply action those 8 ways to melt back fat.


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