Benefits Of Giving Gifts At Christmas

benefits of giving gifts at Christmas

A Sudden Miracle At Christmas

Benefits of giving gifts at Christmas demonstrate the many benefits of giving and show you how to select the perfect gifts during this festive season.

Since giving has become the essence of Christmas, this holiday season is the best time to start. And by giving whatever you have: your time, services, materials, or money, you will be amazed how your emotional and physical wellbeing improves.

Feel-Good Mood

benefits of giving gifts at christmas

One of the benefits of giving gifts at Christmas is the delightful feel-good mood to your mind and body. This feel-good often radiates to the outside, giving you a healthy glow. This same feel-good mood is also experienced by the receiver.  Consequently, if you’re in a position to give, do it. As you will not only be helping those you give to, but you’ll also be nurturing your own wellbeing too.

Offers A Happy “High” Feeling

benefits of giving gifts at christmas

When you give, it releases endorphins and dopamine hormones, which create a satisfying sense of benefit and wellbeing in the brain. This is the same high feeling similar to the response produced by hard drugs and other pleasurable stimuli. At the end of the day, the happy hormones you get from giving helps you feel closer to those around you.

Promotes Satisfaction

benefits of giving gifts at Christmas

Likewise, giving releases oxytocin hormone which prompts feelings of warmth, joy, and kindles relationships with others. Research has shown that people who give time, money, or gifts record higher satisfaction, contentment, and wellbeing than people who don’t.  Hence, the more you give, the more you will experience joy, happiness, and satisfaction in life.

Increases Self-Confidence

Because givers enjoy more satisfaction and contentment in life, they have more self-confidence and self-image than those who don’t give. This is due to the fact that givers feel better about themselves, and others tend to see them in a positive light.

Improves Your Health

When you show compassion to others and give out your resources to help humanity, you also enjoy many health benefits. In other words, giving:

  • Lowers high blood pressure in a natural way.
  • Lessens certain symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Decreases loneliness and isolation.
  • Boosts the immune system to block sickness and disease.
  • Improves longevity.
  • Controls stress.

Selecting The Perfect Gift

benefits of giving gifts at Christmas

The end goal of giving is to create happiness for both the receiver and the giver.  Therefore, gifts tend to come in different packages. Thus, in selecting the right gifts for your family and friends, your goal should be gifts that the receiver will find useful. For the reason that giving the person a gift that will never be used is a waste.

So, look for things that are useful daily like perfumes, pieces of jewellery, bathroom essentials, and toiletries. iPhone chargers or trendy iPhone cases are other useful items. You may also want to go for a  Blood Pressure monitor, even face masks, if your potential receiver is a health enthusiast. However, in situations where you don’t know the receiver very well, simply give a gift card. And if you’re still not sure what and how to give, here are some suggestions:


benefits of giving gifts at Christmas

The most popular gifts are perfumes. The significance of giving perfumes is that it boosts the self-confidence of both the giver and the receiver. It also definitely elicits gasps,  joyful laughter, and elation from the receiver.

Aside from the self-confidence, you get when you are wearing your favourite perfume, are the refreshing, powerful, go-getter feelings. According to studies, aromatherapy makes you feel calmer, seductive, and relaxed.

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Another thing about perfumes is that they are worn by men and women, regardless of sex or age. For instance, some women prefer wearing male fragrances. And find it better to pick a unisex perfume that will satisfy their liking for men’s notes, while still bringing out their feminity.

Gift cards or vouchers

benefits of giving gifts at Christmas

Gift shopping can be challenging if you don’t know the person well. Therefore, an option may be to make your present a gift card or voucher. The benefit is the convenience of allowing the receiver to pick and pay for the most essential product or service needed at that moment. It also allows the receiver to shop at their own pace. And if it’s an e-card you give, you enable the receiver to buy stuff from the comfort of their homes. But remember not to blow the budget. This is not to say you can’t be extravagant, notwithstanding the most appreciated are the simple and surprising gifts.

Donations to charity

Donating to people is another ‘how’ to give this Christmas. By sharing your money with less fortunate people, you enhance your personal growth. Moreover, especially during this pandemic season, you can pack face masks, hand sanitisers, temperature monitors, along with food and drinks, in your donation gift baskets to vulnerable people’s homes.


benefits of giving gifts at christmas

Volunteering your time to help people provides you with a sense of purpose and increases your self-confidence. For example, offering your time to serve free Christmas lunch to the homeless is an act of selfless love and kindness that offers all the benefits of giving gifts at Christmas. So, don’t be alone at Christmas. Instead, join groups that offer meals and other goodies to the helpless.


The purpose of this article is to motivate you to experience the benefits of giving gifts at Christmas.  In particular, to enjoy the increase in your self-confidence that giving promotes. And which in return boosts the self-confidence of the receiver.  In the end, showing kindness should not only be a Christmas signature but a daily show of love activity. So go and spread the joy of giving to your friends, family, and community. Remember, no need is too small.

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