Help My Skin Is Breaking Out

help my skin is breaking out

Treatment For Disturbing Skin Changes

Help my skin is breaking out is a plea for solutions to skin problems you experience from time to time, from mild to severe pimples to persistent eczema and stubborn psoriasis. The reality is that the period of skin breakouts can be traumatic and depressive. For instance, pimples often thought to be teenage-related can hit you in later years. Find below outside and inside solutions to pimples, eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin.


From blackheads to whiteheads, inflamed red raised bumps with pus or none, pimples are the No.1 skin defect. Pimples affect about 95% of the population at some point in their lifetime. This range from mild to severe that can sometimes cause extensive scarring (acne) and can occur anywhere between the ages of 11 and 50.

And regardless of your age, gender, skin color, or ethnicity, what causes pimples is the same across the board. Consequently, certain basics have been developed over the years that are essential for fighting breakouts. To take it further, if you do not recognise all your options and appreciate what can work and what cannot, you will end up aggravating the condition more than before. Or even if lucky to find temporary relief, only to have the problem resurface again and again.

Help my skin is breaking out treatment for pimples

On the outside: choose clarifying cleansers, clarifying toner, and skin-perfecting lotion.  You may be prescribed an antibiotic gel to stop inflammation and infection. And an over-the-counter (OTC) benzoyl peroxide product kills the bacteria that cause acne helping to remove excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog pores. And in situations where you are left with scars, a Murad InvisiScar daily resurfacing treatment will minimise your scars in as little as six weeks.

However, the latest treatment for acne is yellow light therapy. The light penetrates the skin to kill spot-causing bacteria.

On the inside: There is no evidence that fatty or sugary foods cause acne, which is cheering news. Nonetheless, there is evidence that eating lots of fruits and vegetables will give your skin a healthy boost.  Also note that stress triggers spots, so again the singsong is to learn to relax more.


help my skin is breaking out

The most common type is atopic eczema where red, itchy, weeping patches on the skin can crop up anywhere on your body.  Other forms include contact dermatitis, a result of an allergy. While varicose eczema affecting the lower legs is common from middle age, and often caused by poor circulation. For women, the menopausal-related breakdown in collagen and elastic fibres can make your skin more prone to dry conditions like eczema.

Help my skin is breaking out treatment for eczema

On the outside: Get emollient lotions to keep skin soft from your pharmacy. And your doctor can prescribe hydrocortisone creams to soothe itching and inflammation.  In addition, natural progesterone creams, such as those made from wild yams will nourish and help correct hormone imbalances.  Also, oat-based creams containing skin-soothing mineral silica can help, while calendula cream is a good traditional remedy.

On the inside: Your doctor may prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT). But be mindful of patches since some women have reported HRT patches to cause eczema because of an allergic reaction. Drinking plenty of water also helps, while you need to nourish the skin with omega 3 and fatty acids. Good sources are mackerel, salmon, sardines, avocados, flaxseeds, and nuts.  Taking a supplement of sulphur compound MSM can also be useful. Also, avoid stress and try to relax more. 


help my skin is breaking out

This is caused by the skin renewing itself too rapidly, leaving you with thick, silvery, scale-like skin.  It can be very uncomfortable and can appear anywhere on your body.  It is also linked with psoriatic arthritis, which causes severe inflammation of joints. The drier, thinner skin induced by menopause could make you prone to psoriasis.

Help my skin is breaking out treatment for psoriasis

On the outside: Your doctor can give you emollient and hydrocortisone creams to ease the condition. Some people find coal tar soaps and shampoos useful.  Black (local) soap is also good because of its natural ingredients, which do not irritate the skin. For now, the treatment that has shown the most promise is UV light therapy which should be done under safe controlled hospital conditions.

On the inside: Try and stay hydrated and follow a diet high in essential oils.  One theory is that psoriasis may be linked to an inability to process these fats. Therefore, take a digestive enzyme to help. Also, some studies suggest that people with psoriasis have a low level of vitamin A. Therefore, it might be a good idea to increase the vitamin with a diet rich in orange coloured fruits and vegetables like carrots, mangoes, and pumpkin. The mineral selenium could ease psoriasis too, so take 100-200 mcg daily.  As stress can be a trigger, you guessed it: take steps to relax.

Sensitive Skin

help my skin is breaking out

Sensitive skin irritates easily and is often red and blotchy. This type of skin can have allergic reactions to beauty products and is usually sensitive to the sun, wind, and cold weather. Also, your skin can turn sensitive overnight.  One day, your usual soap does its job properly, the next it leaves your skin feeling tight, itchy with a rash.  In addition, dryness from menopause can leave your skin less nourished than before, and prone to frequent flare-ups.

Help my skin is breaking out treatment for sensitive skin

On the outside: Stick to a basic cleanser, alcohol-free toner, and moisturiser. Avoid chemical-based body creams, soaps, and scrubs, which may irritate the skin. Instead, try creams with titanium dioxide. Naural products are less irritable but can still trigger reactions. So test them on a small patch of skin first. Buy products made for sensitive skin.

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On the inside: Feed your body so it can do the best job of keeping your skin nourished.  This means the usual drill of eight glasses of water daily, lots of fruits and vegetables, oily fish, nuts, and seeds.  Certain foods can trigger skin sensitivity like wheat and dairy.  Your best choice is to keep a food diary and cut out problem foods.

help my skin is breaking out

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