Retaining Your Youthfulness As You Age

retaining your youthfulness as you age

Grow Older Not Growing Old

Retaining your youthfulness as you age means a realistic attitude about ageing and how to look younger every day, even though you know you are not getting younger. Furthermore retaining your youthfulness as you age is neither about competing with your teenage children on fashion trends. Nor is it about trying very hard to get all the best compliments from the right sources. Although when the compliments come in, they’re definitely the icing on the cake.  

Why We Love Compliments

retaining your youthfulness as you age

We love compliments. Who doesn’t? After all, positive compliments are soul-lifting. Particularly if the compliment is about how gorgeous, beautiful, good-looking, or handsome you look. The truth is that you definitely feel great when a friend tells you “Wow, you look younger every day”. On the contrary, you might feel sad if the comment is far from being complimentary. For instance, your spouse may innocently tell you how tired you have been looking recently. Or he or she may wonder at the creeping extra pounds around your tummy. It may not even get to that stage of negative remarks to get you into a depressive mode. The main problem could be that you are simply not attracting admiring glances as you used to ten years earlier.

Realistic Attitude About Ageing

A poll was conducted on a diverse range of issues that affect people’s attitudes about ageing.  About 45% of women indicated that their fear of losing sexual attractiveness or “looking old” was very problematic for them, versus just 19% of men.

However, trying to rebuild what you looked like at 20 or 30 is an unrealistic proposition. For instance, heavy makeup does not look natural on a mature face with more than a few wrinkles. And as you know, your necks always tell the truth about your age.  Also, too-short skirts or low-slung jeans that reveal your bum don’t look good on 50-year-olds. As for men trying to wear tight jeans etched around your crotch, and tight shirts carved around your potbellies are sure fashion disasters.

Still Living The Youth Dream?

retaining your youthfulness as you age

You are living the youth dream if you feel good and cool in your figure-hugging jeans and boyish shirt. Honestly, you could have sworn you look every bit as attractive as your 18-year-old teenage daughter as you bike down the street. That is until the reality hits you that the men are admiring your daughter. This is her time. Right? Though deep inside you felt unsettled. This is because your daughter is still your baby girl, so you thought. And, once you saw the attention your beautiful teenager is getting, you realised that she is, as a matter of fact, a young woman. 

OK, you have been there before, you chuckled. You have turned a few heads in your “twenty-something years”. And still feel you at least deserve a casual lustful glance in your 50’s, at least for the right reasons. You long for those old days when men used to hoot at you or give those wolf whistles. But, the reality is that you may not get so many heads turning as you did in your younger days. Nonetheless, you can be comfortable with the fact that you can still feel young and laugh at the possibility of living the youth dream. And certainly, why not?

Not Getting Younger, But Looking Young

With a younger generation that commands the attention of men or women, looking young becomes a different order of level for those who are not getting any younger. This I think is the crunch for many who desire to look young. You still want to remain relevant and do not want to be ignored. For the reason that you have paid your dues to the world on the intellectual and professional level. However, on the emotional level, you are still vulnerable especially when your sense of attractiveness is undermined. It hurts you deeply. That is another truth.  So, while you may not be getting younger, looking young should be the goal.

Tips To Help You Remain Youthful

On the last note, retaining your youthfulness as you age allows you to feel good, look awesome, confident, and happy with who are. Also, you can join your teenage children in the game of attractiveness and youthfulness and still remain comfortable in your own skin. How? By following the tips below:

  • Stand up straight. Nothing looks older than rounded shoulders.
  • Exercise and make healthy eating your priorities.
  • Wear clothing and hairstyle that flatter your age. And probably not those you had when you were 25.
  • Stop frowning; it makes your wrinkles deeper.  Smile and laugh more.
  • Be enthusiastic and show more curiosity in younger people’s lives. Show you care. Being actively interested in younger people’s lives helps you feel younger too.

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