Fried Foods Increase Diabetes Risk

fried foods increase diabetes risk

How Diet & Exercise Can Control Diabetes

According to research grilled, baked and fried foods increase diabetes risk. Changing the way you cook could help reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. So instead of frying, grilling, or baking researchers recommend steaming, poaching, and stewing your foods for better health.

Boiling, Steaming And Poaching Safest For Health

When you fry, grill, or bake foods, foods produce substances called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). Higher levels of AGEs have been linked to insulin resistance, stress on the body’s cells, and inflammation. These are areas for diabetes risk.

Insulin helps blood sugar from food get into cells for energy. If there’s insulin resistance or absence of insulin, too much sugar stays in the blood. This may cause serious problems for the heart, eyes, kidneys, and other organs.

Benefits Of Low-AGE Diet

fired foods increase diabetes risk

When people with chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes or dementia are placed on a high-AGE diet or a low one, people on the low-AGE diet show signs of decreasing inflammation.  The study perceived that a regular diet, which is generally high in AGEs, might contribute to the risk of type 2 diabetes.

In a study where participants were assigned into two diet groups: high AGE or low-AGE diet.    All were at least 50 years old with five health issues: a large waist circumference (40 inches for men, 35 for women); high blood pressure; low HDL (good) cholesterol; high triglycerides (another type of blood fat); or elevated fasting blood sugar levels.

Those in the low-AGE group were instructed to avoid frying, baking, or grilling foods. Rather, they were motivated to boil, steam, stew, or poach their meals. For example, changes made included substituting boiled eggs for fried eggs, poached chicken instead of grilled chicken. Or beef stew instead of grilled or fried steak.

The high-AGE group was instructed to continue cooking as they already did. The study lasted one year.

In the low-AGE group, stress and inflammation improved, and insulin resistance came down.  These findings are highly suggestive of a cause-and-effect relationship. Their bodyweight dropped slightly in the low-AGE group, and no side effects were seen. Findings showed that the more you cook with low-AGE methods, the better.

Focus On Quality Of Food Choices

fried foods increase diabetes risk

Though baked, grilled and fried foods increase diabetes risk, one specialist thinks just switching cooking techniques isn’t enough to curb diabetes risk.

While there are AGEs that are increased by cooking, many foods are already also high in AGEs. So, you should aim to change what you are eating as well as how you cook.  It’s important to concentrate on the quality of your food choices.  For instance, vegetables and other plant foods aren’t as high in AGEs.

Changing to lower-AGE cooking methods for at least some of your meals may be one way to start making small, healthy changes.

How Diet & Exercise Can Control Diabetes

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