Best Ways To Lose Covid Weight Gain

best ways to lose covid weight gain

Best ways to lose Covid weight gain, or prevent further weight gain during this pandemic season, show you smart habits you can adopt to keep you in great shape.  Most people who work from home complain about weight gain due to movement restrictions. The truth is whether you work from home, or given compulsory leave, or are retrenched, you are tempted to stay extra hours in bed. Or lounge around lazily, eat indiscriminately and frequently. The result is a gradual weight gain. 

Covid weight gain affects anyone including your kids. So, the best ways to lose Covid weight gain or prevent it means adopting some of the following simple diet tactics. If done continuously, they will help you get more of the nutrition you need, and exclude the stuff you don’t need. This means you can eat what you want and still have a great body.

Staying Healthy Tips During COVID-19

Drink Two Glasses Of Water Before Any Meal

This will do two things: keep you hydrated and make you eat a little less. A Dutch study showed that drinking two glasses of water can make you feel less hungry, possibly reducing your food intake and aiding weight loss.

Eat Pizza With Extra Tomato Sauce

Men who eat a lot of tomato products tend to have less prostate cancer. This is because tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, a type of carotenoid believed to cut your risk of cancer. If you double the sauce on your pizza, you get double the lycopene. And by reducing the mozzarella by just one-third, you will save 20 grams of fat.

Load Onions On Everything

Research has revealed that onions are so healthful. They are a major source of heart savers called flavonoids. Hence this is a good excuse to eat them lavishly in your favourite meals and snacks like onion soups,  toasts, stir-fries, rice, hot dogs, pizza, burgers, and sandwiches.

Refresh With Iced Tea And Lemon

The more we learn about tea, the more healthful it looks. A study found that a serving of black tea had more antioxidants. These nutrients are crucial to your body’s defense against heart disease, cancer, and even wrinkles than a serving of broccoli or carrots.

Always Leave The Skin On Your Fruits

Of course, there are some fruits you must peel like bananas, pineapples to get to the fruit inside. However, there are some like apples and pears you do not peel because you will lose heavy-duty nutrients and fibre. The same goes for potatoes. You can also peel oranges, but eat as much of the fibrous white skin under the rind. It is loaded with flavonoids. Similarly for the white stem that runs up the middle.

Reserve Eight Glasses Of Water Every Day

best ways to lose covid weight gain

You already know that you should drink eight glasses of water a day. Here’s a tip on how to measure up to your daily requirement. Put aside eight bottles of 8 fluid ounces of water every morning. Ensure you drink four at least by the time you go home, or before dinner.  Drink another two with dinner. And take the last two to the gym, or during a walking exercise.

Eat Fatty Fish Once A Week

Mackerel and sardines are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s seem to keep the heart from going into failure from arrhythmia. Men who eat fish once a week have fewer heart attacks, and may even ward off depression. A weekly serving of mackerel or sardines should supply the amount of omega-3 fats you need. If you have access to salmon, that is great too. Eat it.

Go For Two Servings of Vegetables

If we had to pick one food that represents the best insurance for long-term good health, vegetables would be it. Your daily goal should be three servings minimum. A serving, by the way, is ½ cup. Think of a tennis ball, it is about half a cup in volume.

Spread Your Fat Intake Over The Day

best ways to lose covid weigh gain

It is tempting to go fat-free at breakfast and lunch so you can indulge in a high-fat dinner. Studies show that, for several hours after you eat a meal with 50 to 80 grams of fat, your blood vessels are less elastic and your blood-clotting factors rise dramatically. The immediate cause of most heart attacks is the last fatty meal. So spread your fat intake over the whole day.

Eat A Bowl Of Dry Cereal Every Night

Eating a low-fat, low-calorie carbohydrate snack 30 minutes before you go to bed will aid your sleep. Cereal is one of the easiest ways to reduce your fibre deficit. For instance, most men eat only half the 25 to 35 grams of fibre they need daily. Therefore, pick a cereal that has at least 5 grams of fibre per serving.

Walk For Physical And Emotional Wellness

Lastly, getting off the couch is one of the best ways to lose Covid weight gain. And walking fits the bill. Aside from its weight control benefit, walking also supports health. Your physical, mental and emotional state improves with a daily walk. Moreso, waking enriches and balances your life. And most importantly, waking simply makes you feel good, considering the potential blues of Covid-19.  Therefore, do 30 minutes walk around the block. Or a longer 90 minutes hike in the woods.

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