Functional Beverage Role In Family Recreation

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functional beverage role in family recreation

The functional beverage role in family recreation focuses on two objectives. First are the health benefits that result from family recreation. Second is the role of functional beverage as a healthy source of hydration during physical activities.

What Is A Functional Beverage?

functional beverage role in family recreation

The COVID-19 global pandemic motivated the beverage industry to focus on health and wellness products. This is because people want healthier food and drinks to reenergise and rejuvenate their bodies. Thankfully, beverage companies are innovating with new ingredients that can offer functional benefits.

So, a functional beverage product is a non-alcoholic drink that contains vitamins, minerals, herbs, raw fruit, or vegetables. This is with the principal objective to enhance health benefits outside normal nutrition. Such health benefits include a boost to the immune system, energy, heart health, joint mobility, and well-being.

Examples of functional beverages are sports drinks, enhanced fruit drinks, teas, soy beverages, and water.  And currently, the trend is to elevate water to the status of a healthy drink beyond the usual benefit of hydration. For instance,  adding more oxygen to increase energy, or more hydrogen to ease inflammation. But for now, hydration is the key focus benefit of water!

Zinc In Water Is Essential For Wellbeing

Health Benefits Of Family Recreation

functional beverage role in family recreation

Aside from the bonding benefits of family recreation, there are physical, social, and mental health benefits of staying active. These are explained below:

  • Reduces obesity and the risk of many serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, and osteoporosis.
  • Prevents depression since recreation provides a social environment that lures people out of their houses and into public life.
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, and mental tensions through rest and relaxation.
  • Improves the quality of life.  According to studies, positive self-esteem and self-image can be achieved through recreational activities.

Functional Beverage Role In Family Recreation

The major functional beverage role in family recreation is hydration. Why is hydration important for the family during recreation? This is a major question for you as a parent when participating in recreational activities with your family. Hydration is important to prevent dehydration, especially in children. This is due to children’s decreased ability to regulate their body temperature compared to adults.  

But when children are well-hydrated, there is improved physical and mental performance. Other benefits include sound maintenance of heart rate and body temperature. Thus being hydrated will allow your children to perform at their best with improved cardiovascular function and overall well-being. Therefore, whether it’s playing football with your family or just having fun at the public park, ensure optimal hydration for your family.

Some useful fluid hydration tips

It’s crucial to remember that hydration in children and adults is a little different. Especially as regards what and how much to drink during family recreational activities.   For instance, children don’t sweat as much as adults meaning lesser sodium are being lost from sweat.  Even so, water should still be the first beverage for children to replace lost fluids.  However, children can still have the occasional freshly squeezed fruit or extracted vegetable juice.

family beverage role in family recreation

During recreational activity

  • Commence fluid intake early on during physical activity.  Drink every 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Place functional water bottles at locations that are in view and easily accessible during physical activity.
  • Target cool fluids where possible. Add fruit ice cubes to cool down in the heat.

After recreational activity

functional beverage role in family recreation
  • Drink 1 to 1.5 times the weight lost over the next four hours. For example, 1kg of weight loss means 1.5L of fluids needed to rehydrate.
  • Rehydrate gradually because drinking large amounts of fluids in a rush can stop rehydration. Or cause a high concentration of sodium in the blood.


Generally, the major functional beverage role in family recreation is hydration. This is because hydration triggers optimal performance. And this subsequently improves overall health. Then again, hydrating adequately is not all about drinking water. But actually knowing the types of functional beverages, the quantity, and the timing.

In addition, keep in mind there are a variety of fluids that can be taken at different stages of physical activity. But, water remains the most suitable during the initial stages.  So, whenever you are out on a family recreation, ensure you pack functional beverages. And include water to be certain all members of the family are properly hydrated.

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