5 Secrets That Can Stop Heart Attack

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5 secrets that can stop heart attack

How Healthy Is Your Heart?

5 secrets that can stop heart attack is a must-read if you have a family history of heart disease or one or more risk factors. This is because the practical latest information presented in this article can save your life.

Reduce Your Risks Of Heart Failure

The most important of the 5 secrets that can stop heart attack is to reduce your risks of heart failure. The following simple changes to your lifestyle will do wonders for your heart health:

Avoid sedentary life

Get up and go. Even if you do exercise, your risk for heart failure may go up if you sit around a lot. A study confirmed that men who sat for 5 hours or more a day outside of work were more likely to get heart failure than those who limited their sitting time to 2 hours or less. So look for ways to keep you moving.

Shun smoking

5 secrets that can stop heart attack

If you smoke, quit. Smoking damages your arteries, which can lead to heart failure. While you’re at it, stay away from smoky rooms, because secondhand smoke is also harmful. 

Moderate alcohol drink

While a little alcohol can be good for your heart, a lot is not. If you’re a man, stick to no more than two 5-ounce glasses of wine. Women should only have 1 drink a day.

Maintain healthy weight

Pay particular attention to belly fat, which can increase your risk of heart disease more than fat in other parts of your body. Even a small weight loss can add up to big gains in your health.

Think positive images

Favourite positive images calm you and trigger happiness. You can imagine a waterfall, a beach at sunrise, or stunning countryside. Then, close your eyes and concentrate on the peaceful details. You can also make use of audio recordings and apps that encourage the calming process.

Ensure a good night’s sleep

A long-term sleep problem can raise your chance of heart failure. One study found that men ages 40 to 70 with sleep apnea, were 58% more likely to get heart failure.

Eat healthily

5 secrets that can stop heart attack

Sleep Disruption Bad For Wellbeing

Adopt Routines That Prevent High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is likely to worsen and develop into hypertension. Subsequently, hypertension can damage your organs and increase the risk of a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and kidney failure.  So aside from treating your high blood pressure through medications, you can also adopt routines that will relax your mind:

Take deep breaths

Breathing comes naturally. But in order to use breathing to relax your mind, you need to be more conscious and alert to it. This means focusing on the rhythm. If you have always taken quick shallow breaths, aim for slower, deeper ones. Feel your belly rise and expand as you breathe in.  And fall as you breathe out. Try to aim for about six breaths a minute.

Make time for a break

Anytime you find yourself pacing up and down frustrated, change your focus from this anxiety. This you can do by stretching, daydreaming, getting a favourite snack, or calling a friend to chat. Take at least 5 minutes to refresh and revitalise. You’ll feel much better.

Go outdoors

Outdoor that boosts a greener environment often helps you think more clearly and feel relaxed. Therefore, by spending time outdoors, you can bring down your heart rate, blood pressure, stress hormones, and even muscle tension.

Listen to music

You can never go wrong with music because it calms the activity in your brain. Music is a good option to try if you’re restless or distracted by pain. Immerse in the music completely. The more you listen, the less you’ll think about other stuff.

Stretch your body

5 secrets that can stop heart attack

If you watch a cat stretch, then you know precisely how stretching your body soothes your mind. You can use yoga poses to achieve this. Or simply do side bends, backward bends, or touch-your-toes exercises. For each pose, stretch, and then relax for 10 seconds or so. Switch to another pose and keep going until you’ve completed the routine. Stretching your body can also improve sleep and may even ease headaches.



Choose Safe Moderate Exercise

Whereas the lack of physical activity raises the risk of heart disease, engaging in regular exercise lowers it. Nonetheless, it’s all about applying the ‘everything in moderation rule.  For instance, a cardiologist argued that exercise beyond a certain threshold can lead to heart disease, and possibly decrease the benefits of moderate exercise.

Consequently, exercise remains one of the best things you can do to improve your cardiovascular health. However, you certainly don’t need to run marathons to achieve the benefits because moderate amounts of exercise throughout life are perfectly adequate.


Keep A Nasal Spray To Stop Abnormal Heart Rhythm

5 secrets that can stop heart attack

One of the 5 secrets that can stop heart attack is an experimental nasal spray that shows promise for quickly treating an abnormally fast heart rhythm.  An abnormal heart rhythm occurs unpredictably, lasting anywhere from minutes to hours. Although usually harmless, the condition can make people dizzy. As a result, people with persistent abnormal heart rhythms usually need to go to an emergency room for an injection of a drug to slow the heart.

A drug nasal spray containing a drug called etripamil, within 15 minutes after administration changes abnormal heart rhythm to a normal heart rhythm. The drug allows people to self-administer treatment no matter the location and without having to go to the hospital.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention To Stroke Symptoms

5 secrets that can stop heart attack

Symptoms of stroke come on suddenly and typically last less than five minutes without causing permanent damage. But you should never ignore them. The symptoms include slurred speech, dizziness, numbness on one side of the body, difficulty walking, and confusion.

So, it’s important to discuss stroke-like symptoms with your doctor, even if the symptoms don’t last long, particularly when they consist of sudden one-sided weakness or sudden speech loss.

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