Instruct Your Brain For Emotional Benefits

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instruct your brain for emotional benefits

When you instruct your brain for emotional benefits, you will get more feelings of joy, contentment, and peace. And when you are feeling joyful, content and at peace, your immune system gets a boost. In addition, your body fights stress and pain, encourages a healthier lifestyle, and supports longevity.

This having been said, the reality is that in a time of increasing distractions, uncertainties, worries, and COVID-19 pandemic frustrations, it’s hard to enjoy and sustain genuine joy, contentment, and peace. Nonetheless, the good news is that you have the immense power to reduce your stress levels, and be more joyful and resilient during hard times.

How To Instruct Your Brain For Emotional Benefits

instruct your brain for emotional benefits

This is where the brain plays a significant part. So how do you instruct your brain for emotional benefits?  The fact is that every emotion you feel is affected by your brain and vice versa. The brain doesn’t have one emotional focal point, but different emotions involving different structures.  Therefore when you instruct your brain for emotional benefits, you will trigger more joy, contentment, and peace in your life. Here are 4 ways to instruct your brain for emotional benefits:

Turn Emotions Into Positive Experiences

Emotions manage the mind as a whole, making the effect of positive feelings total. For example, positive feelings reduce the impact of stress on your cardiovascular system. As well as increase emotional resilience, lift mood, protect against depression, and encourage optimism.

In the long run, positive feelings help block the effects of trauma or other painful experiences, particularly when you recall them with a cheerful disposition. And replacing those painful experiences with calm acceptance. While you may not forget the facts of what happened, their emotional control will fade gradually. And that can be a great respite.

Use Your Mind To Change Your Brain To Benefit Your Mind

instruct your brain for emotional benefits

This is an acceptance of the power of the mind over the brain. In other words, you can use your inner power to instruct your brain to discharge the feel-good feeling or to heal a disease. This understanding of the oneness of mind and brain provides the chance for well-being and spiritual-mental growth.  Conclusively in several ways, you can use your mind to change your brain to benefit your mind.

Don’t Let Brief Experiences Remain In The Brain

instruct your brain for emotional benefits

Since the mind and brain are one, the stream of information in the mind involves a consistent stream through the brain. This leaves behind a lasting impact on your brain. Consequently, your experiences are important not just because of their brief impact on your personal life. But also because they produce enduring changes in the physical structures of your brain. And these, in turn, affect your well-being, functioning, and occasionally your physical health.

For example, in a bitter divorce, death of a loved one, or personal physical attack, you show anger, mourn or withdraw into your shell. Unfortunately, these are only immediate temporary solutions. The end goal is to erase the negative impact of these experiences on the brain, permanently.

Deemphasise The Brain’s Negative Experience

The greatest threat to survival is negative experiences. The way out is to emphasise and store positive experiences through these 3 easy steps:

Assist positive events to become positive experiences by:

  • Paying attention to the good things in your world, and inside yourself. Frequently we let good events pass us by without paying attention to them. Therefore decide to consciously look for beauty in your world each day. Or look for signs of people caring for you, or identify good qualities within yourself.
  • Allowing yourself to feel pleasure and happiness, rather than feeling guilty about enjoying life. The fact is that you have earned the good times. Hence you’re not being vain or arrogant. So dig in and feel good about yourself.
  • Immersing in the emotional aspects of your responses to positive events, since that is the passageway to experiencing things.
  • Doing things deliberately to create positive experiences for yourself. For example, you could take on a task, and do something pleasurable for others. Or bring to mind feelings of compassion and caring. Or call up your memories of when you felt contented, peaceful, and happy.

Extend the positive experience in time and space

  • Keep your attention on feeling good. Stay with that. Don’t just jump onto something else.
  • Let the feel-good feelings fill your body with positive sensations and emotions.
  • Savour and enjoy the positive experience.

Let the positive experience soak into your brain and body

You can imagine the positive experience enclosing your chest, back, and brain. Perhaps imagine a loved one in your heart. Take the time to do this for a few seconds. Keep relaxing your body and absorbing the positive experience. 


You can deliberately override negative leanings in simple and effective ways each day. This is doable by focusing on positive experiences, appreciating them, and helping them soak in.

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