Workplace Injustice Hurts Your Heart

workplace injustice hurts your heart

Tips For A Healthy Workplace

Workplace injustice hurts your heart, but so do stressful jobs and unfair bosses. However, for now, the major question is to what extent can workplace injustice increase your risk of heart disease? And in situations where you feel helpless, how can you protect your heart from workplace injustice?

The fact is that stress at the workplace is not about chasing after the grumpy worker. Or trying to avoid the office Romeo.   Workplace stress is more to do with the organisation’s set up. This means the politics, pressure of personal targets, and lack of appreciation. Including what the chief executive said or failed to say.

Hence, if you want to protect your heart, it’s crucial you have justice at work, better interpersonal relations, and feel appreciated. One study claims that employees who felt treated justly at work were at reduced risk of heart disease. Although perceptions of how fair their boss seemed to be a key factor in how well they felt justice was served. Nonetheless, the admission is that justice, equity, and humanity at work may protect against heart disease.

What Is Workplace Justice?

workplace injustice hurts your heart

Workplace or organisational justice is linked to the concept of fairness in daily decisions on employees by their employers. These decisions are related to all matters of workplace behaviour. From treatment by bosses to salary, access to training, and gender equality. As such, cases perceived unfair by an employee can lead to workplace deviance.

There are two components of workplace justice: distributive justice and procedural justice.

Distributive justice

The rules of distributive justice involve four principles: First, fair in processes. Second, transparency in actions. Third, provides an opportunity for voice. Fourth, impartial in decision making.

Procedural justice

The rules of procedural require a hearing rule appropriate to the circumstances. Also important is the absence of bias, evidence to support a decision, and inquiry into dispute matters.

Why Is Workplace Justice Important?

workplace injustice hurts your heart

Another research confirmed workers feel a sense of justice when they believe their viewpoints are considered at a higher level and treated fairly.  Since many workers spend more time at work, it’s key to have good interaction, appreciation of workers, and justice at work. For the reason that being valued gives a sense of belonging. Which then motivates workers to do a better job with a feel-good sensation.  Accordingly, by ensuring workplace justice, the incidence of workplace deviance, absence, and dismissal can be limited.  In addition, there’s the encouragement of trust and open-minded communication.

Some Examples Of Workplace Injustice

workplace injustice hurts your heart
  • Spreading malicious rumours about a worker.
  • Exposing workers to physical and mental stress due to inadequate protection against COVID-19.
  • Negating or ignoring persistent sexual harassment complaints.
  • Declining a worker’s training or promotion opportunity because of colour, gender, or physical disability.
  • Posting fake stories, offensive comments on emails about a worker.
  • Dismissing, demoting, or transferring a worker without a fair hearing or disciplinary process.
  • Paying women lower wages for doing same job because of their gender.
  • Retrenching or dismissing older workers for younger cheaper workers.

9 Ways To Protect Your Heart From Workplace Injustice

workplace injustice hurts your heart

In a perfect world, every worker should be treated fairly and justifiably. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect.  Hence, there are always cases of unfair dismissal. As well as unequal opportunities for promotions, pay raises, training, and job fulfillment.

Ok, so you may not be able to do much about workplace injustice.  However, you can disallow workplace injustice from increasing your risk of heart disease by following these 9 tips:

Take care of yourself

Workplace injustice hurts your heart because any injustice can be emotionally exhausting. Therefore taking care of yourself is crucial at this time. It’s also the major ingredient to a healthy and happy lifestyle.  One way to take care of yourself is to talk to family members, your spiritual adviser, and friends.  Support groups are also helpful because they remind you that you’re not alone.  So you may want to share your feelings with a group where you reside.

However, if the workplace injustice is criminal, such as a physical or sexual attack, this should be reported to law enforcement right away.


Try to include exercise in your life, like walking or jogging. Exercise keeps your weight in check, helps you sleep better. It also prevents heart attack, stroke, and other health problems. In general, physical activity prolongs your life.

Strengthen mind and body

Re-energising your soul and spirit will restrain any damage to your heart from office injustice anguish.  Meditation, tai chi, yoga, prayer are good ways to achieve inner peace and calmness.

Manage stress

In order to save your heart from workplace injustice distress, avoid the 18 hours push approach. Instead, work for about 90 minutes. Thereafter, follow with brief sessions of short walks, stretch. Or breathing exercises at your desk to rejuvenate.

Healthy eating

You should pack a powerful office lunch bursting with nutrients and vitamins. Essentially quench your thirst with water. And avoid pick-me-up foods and beverages like cola, tea, and coffee.  When you feel hungry, reach for a piece of fruit or fruit bar. It’s important to eat clean foods in the right proportion, time, and quality.

Stop self-imposed stress

workplace injustice hurts your heart

Try to build your own self-confidence rather than seeking others’ approval. Shun being caught up in what others think about you since you can’t control it. Instead, shift your focus to the task that needs to be done.

Have a ‘me’ time

When was the last time you had a ‘me time’? This is the time to pause! Do something relaxing for you to take your mind off the injustice at the workplace.

Strike work-life balance

workplace injustice hurts your heart

Remember, workplace injustice that hurts your heart can kill.  As a result, it’s important to manage your time by striking a balance between work and personal life. Keep days off for relaxing with family and friends.

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