Staying Healthy Tips During COVID-19

staying healthy tips during COVID-19

Sustaining Survival Instincts In A Pandemic

You may want to consider these five staying healthy tips during COVID-19, in order to manage the numerous negative impacts of this global pandemic. Aside from numerous deaths, infections, and compromised health, COVID-19 has left in its trail an ailing economy. Many people have either lost their jobs or are underemployed. Hence, looking for ways to make or save money.

But unfortunately, you are looking in the wrong places. For instance, in this COVID-19 chaos, you may not be able to eat nutritious meals. Or go for a proper medical examination when you are ill. Consequently, your ability to manage stress becomes an issue, and so is the urge to exercise. While your immune system is in a weak state unable to prevent or fight against cold or flu.  In the long run, any of these unhealthy lifestyle problems can cost you dearly.

But the good news is that there are plenty of cheap and effective ways to stick with a healthy lifestyle even in the face of a global pandemic. Find below five staying healthy tips during COVID-19 that will help you and your loved ones stay on top of the confusion.

Trouble Making Your Food Budget Include Healthy Meals?

A limited food budget is no reason to reach for junk food. Some of the healthiest foods out there are actually the least expensive. A few examples:

Pulses are protein and fiber-rich

Various types of beans, peas, and lentils are great low-calorie sources of fiber and protein. And they are affordable. You can buy them already cooked and packaged. Alternatively, you can buy dried beans and cook them yourself. Cooked beans can be added to pasta sauce, soups, and stews, fried, casseroled, or mixed with sweet corn and rice.

Homemade breakfast cereal

Instead of buying an expensive packaged cereal, make your own by combining whole oats and other grains, raisins, nuts, and seeds bought in bulk.

Do-it-yourself beverages

Save money by skipping expensive bottled beverages and making your own. Try brewing up tea for iced tea or adding a splash of fruit juice to carbonated water.

Fresh vegetables

Local market fresh green vegetables are good buys and contain loads of antioxidants. Another option is to grow your own vegetables. More people are gardening, which offers not only a harvest of healthy foods but also a way to stay fit.  

Cooking at home

staying healthy tips during COVID-19

Preparing your meals at home is a good way to save money and stay healthy, particularly during this pandemic. Home-cooked meals tend to be lower in fat and salt than restaurant offerings. Surveys show that people who eat at home are less likely to be overweight or obese.

Nuts are heart friendly

Generally nuts are rich in protein and heart-healthy oils. The nuts in the lower-priced range are peanuts. Peanuts are a relatively inexpensive and filling snack.

Afraid To Go For Medical Check Or Struggling To Pay For Medication?

Do not allow COVID-19 fear of contracting infection to stop you from going for medical checks for other ailments. These include high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, or mysterious high fever. In addition, discuss with your doctor before you make any change in your medication regimen for symptom-less conditions. This is because these are the very conditions that, if unrestrained, can be incapacitating and even deadly.

And if you are struggling to pay for your medications, talk to your doctor. Cheaper drugs may be available. Or you may be able to try a non-drug approach. Such as changing your diet to bring your blood pressure and cholesterol down, while boosting your immune system in the process. Also, you can ask your pharmacist about low-priced, but equally effective, drug alternatives. 

Unable To Manage Stress Created By Pandemic Woes?

staying healthy tips during covid-19

Stress management is one essential part of the five staying healthy tips during COVID-19. First of all, you need to recognise the symptoms of stress, which include sleeplessness, irritability, and anxiety. Then find a way to let off steam. Proven stress busters include meditation, breathing exercises, and progressive relaxation techniques.

And if you are too stressed out to sit still, be active. Many studies show that exercise is an effective way to relieve stress. Another option is to watch a comedy movie in the comfort of your home.  Research shows that laughing out loud lowers stress hormone levels and boosts the immune system. Then again, you can put your skills to use at home by engaging in an online freelance job.

Can’t Afford Gym Membership?

staying healthy tips during covid-19

The current mandate against mass gathering and social distancing is a good reason to improvise. This means the cost of a gym membership is no excuse to become inactive. Exercising in the gym is not the only way to stay fit and healthy. There are plenty of alternative ways to exercise.   For example, you can fit in just 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity activities like an in-home workout, walking, and gardening. Even doing housework counts. 

These activities substantially reduce the risk of chronic diseases. However, building and maintaining muscle strength may be a little challenging. One option is to learn a set of basic calisthenics that include push-ups, sit-ups, deep knee bends, and leg lifts.

Difficulty Boosting Your Immune System Against Cold Or Flu?

Staying healthy tips during COVID-19 includes a major strategy. And that is first, how to keep your immune system strong. Second, how to practice preventative measures against cold and flu. The activities listed below will help you build your immunity:

Get Your 8 hours sleep

Studies show that your immune system function drops by an average of 60% after just three nights of poor sleep. So be sure you are getting plenty of quality rest. At least eight hours each night.

Use loads of powerful herbs

Eat lots of effective herbs and spices, especially garlic, ginger, cilantro, and oregano.

Wash your hands frequently with soap

Wash your hands and your face at least twice a day. Also, protect your upper back and neck area, because this is where most of the colds will attack the body.

Keep your abdomen warm

Keeping your abdomen warm and protected from weather extremes has immense immune benefits. So, you can regularly place a hot water bottle on your abdomen. Also beneficial is applying abdominal wraps soaked in rejuvenating herbal solutions. Or use pouches containing similar herbs.

Hot Lemon Tea with honey

If you are already suffering from a cold, you can either brew the tea and then squeeze half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey. On the other hand, you can buy an already made preparation. Either way, a good dose of vitamin C helps boost your immune to fight the cold. While the honey soothes an aching dry throat.

Minimise your stress

Keep your stress level low with meditation, tai chi, or yoga.

Natural remedies and relief for cold and flu

staying healthy tips during COVID-19
  • Eat as little solid food as possible to avoid burdening the immune system. But drink plenty of warm fluids such as soups, porridge, and tea.
  • Get plenty of rest and do not engage in exercise.  
  • Take up to 50 milligrams of zinc a day to help reduce the symptoms of the common cold.
  • Inhale eucalyptus and menthol, that is antibacterial, antiviral, and decongesting.

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