5 Qualities You Need For Success

5 qualities you need for success

3 Tips To Achieve Greatness

5 qualities you need for success tell you what you require to be successful.  These simple personal qualities are courage, passion, commitment, self-confidence, and determination.  Probably you may have felt the qualities will include joining a chartered professional body or signing up for the hottest MBA program. Or perhaps you need to be a member of a prestigious Board of Directors for a blue-chip company. On the other hand, it may also be that you need to follow the directions of Kiyosaki or Buffett.



While each of these strategies (professional body membership, MBA degree, Board room inclusion) gives you the opportunity of being successful. However, without courage, passion, commitment, self-confidence, and determination you may join the ranks of the 80% plus who fail.


5 qualities you need for success

Courage is one of the 5 qualities you need for success. This is because courage will help you identify your dream and your passion. In order words, what is it that turns you on? What motivates you? What do you constantly talk to yourself and others about? What excites you? Also, you need the courage to stick with the process while you identify your focus. And then there is the determination to stay with it when others are telling you that it is a crazy and stupid idea that won’t work. In a nutshell, you trying to start your own business is difficult enough. But it becomes virtually impossible when you choose a glamorous business with no passion for it.


5 qualities you need for success

Moreover, in order to be successful, you need to identify your passion, aim, and objective. And then ask the question- what stops you from following your dreams? If it is the fear that you will fail, you must stop now! Since, whatever you think is stopping you is just your thoughts, not fear of failure. What this means is that how you see yourself is the most crucial. And not how others see you. So, try to put the negative thought in the back burner. And instead, put in another positive thought such as “I have a passion”. “I can do this” “I will succeed”. 

Accordingly, the only way forward is to start thinking positive thoughts.  Thereafter, the negative ones will disappear gradually, and your self-esteem, self-worth, and abilities will rise quickly. Hence so as to accelerate the process, try to ‘keep good company’. In other words, search for people who have the abilities and thought processes you want. Then spend more time with them. Stay clear of people who have no interest in your passion.


Now that you have sorted out your focus and your thought processes, the next thing is the drive and enthusiasm to carry it through. This is the reason why commitment is one of the 5 qualities you need for success.  That is to be successful; other essentials required are commitment, fun, and enjoyment. It is also about something you want to do because you believe in it. Additionally, you take it as the strategy you must pursue to reach your aim and objective in life. This is because your belief in an idea, or a product, means you are willing to live with it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

 Life of a sportsperson

A good example to emulate is the life of a sportsperson. He or she wakes up at ungodly hours of the morning and train for a minimum of six hours a day.  Can you commit to training daily with the sole aim of being your best? Can you keep going when nothing appears to be happening? Can you believe in yourself and your passion enough to keep up with your vision for the ultimate breakthrough? Can you see the positive when you have just lost a big proposal to a competitor? Can you remain committed when the time spent on marketing your idea or product seems not to be yielding the desired result? Can you remain completely focused in the midst of these challenges?

The truth of the matter, however, is that commitment alone is useless. It is like driving a car at full speed without knowing the destination. It will not take you anywhere. But if you add passion, determination, and courage then, like the sportsperson; the world is at your feet to take.


Those who are successful in their chosen field have an extraordinary degree of self-confidence. Since they know they are living their passion. Therefore, the only thing on their minds is to be the best. As well as give their best at every opportunity. They are also aware that the key to success is their mental toughness.

It is a known fact that when you do something you love doing, time is immaterial and happiness and personal growth naturally follow. Then you work because you want to and enjoy it. After all, you are fulfilling your passion and it truly shows. Consequently, people are infected by your passion and excitement. They can see the glow in your eyes; they can read it in your writings. In view of this, now is the time to look at your business and materials: Do they show excitement, passion? For instance, if the case is reversed and you are the customer, would you buy from you?


The secret to success in life is simple.  It is if you have the power of determination in your thoughts, every task is possible. So, what you need to do to be successful? Definitely, there are no shortcuts. Therefore, to be successful, you need passion, goals, and the determination to work hard and conquer your negative habits. This means, firstly, the ability to focus and refocus your activities. Secondly, it means the courage to stand out from the crowd.  And thirdly, it is the power of determination in your thoughts.

Bottom Line

Finally it is not the money that drives people to success; it is the game of wanting to be the best. Therefore, learn from successful sportspeople and CEOs of blue chip companies.  And you will find out that a common ground is passion, first and foremost.  Thereafter, every other thing falls into place.


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  • Femi , Direct link to comment

    The write-up is very insightful. In addition to these qualities for success, the place of prayer (communicating with God) will further boost the aforementioned. Well done Dr. Abiola. Grest work you are doing ma!

    • Indulge , Direct link to comment

      Thank you, Femi for the kind words. You are absolutely right. The spiritual, guess I just assumed is in the front burner of everyone lool. The power of prayer in every plan, move, and activities should never be underestimated. Do have a great day and stay safe.

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