Coping With Work From Home Distractions

coping with work from home distractions

Coping with work from home distractions identifies the little nuisances that pop up daily as we handle office assignments from the comfort of our homes during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Unfortunately, what may have been a great peaceful work from home experience in normal times may not be so comforting in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Why? The children are home, your spouse is there and maybe some extended family members who came for a visit and got entangled in the lockdown. In other words, in coping with work from home distractions, you need to create time management initiatives to help maintain your normal productivity level and keep the rest of the family healthy and safe.

I remember calling a client a couple of weeks ago to find out how she is coping with working from home. She said “Oh as much as I am saved the hassles of the daily traffic, nothing has changed.  I am still doing video conference meetings, writing and submitting briefs, making calls, etc. The ‘new’ difficult bit has to do with coping with the demands of my children and my husband who are now also at home.  I have to make breakfast, cook lunch and dinner. I also have to settle fights between the children now and again.  My verdict? I love working from home, but not under this COVID-19 mandatory stay at home’.

Many homes have similar experiences and challenges working alongside their partners, children around doing online classes or just seeking attention. Coping with work from home distractions is possible with the following eight tips:

Stick to Normal Routine

Stick to a pre-COVID-19 normal routine. This means get up and prepare like normal Monday to Friday daily routine. Wake up, shower, get dressed, including helping your kids to do the same, make or eat breakfast, and head to your home office.

Agree Office Space

Make a rule about where you and your partner work. Your husband may take the study, you may work in the sitting room dining table, or wherever convenient, and the children stay in their study. It is always a good idea to work in separate rooms.

Set A Time For Lunch

Set a time for lunch. If it is between 1-2 pm, you and your partner can start lunch preparation thirty minutes before.  Lunch can be eaten together as a family or set in the kitchen for easy self-service. The major rule here is to clean after.  No dirty dishes, no dirty kitchen, no dirty dining area. 

Stick to Start-Finish Time

Arrange your work at home around the normal day hours’ schedule you are used to. Finish the day as you normally do. Avoid working outside the set limits of work hours, so you can spend quality time with loved ones and assist them through anxiety and depression of coronavirus outbreak lockdown.

coping with work from home distractions

Serve Healthy Meals

Serve healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner using clean unprocessed foods like fresh vegetables, fruits, potatoes, dairy, quality protein, whole wheat grains, and so on. Also, ensure your family hydrates well with plenty of water.

Set Time For Exercise

Set aside time to do your normal exercise after work. Sticking to an exercise routine is difficult in normal times, but more so during coronavirus pandemic. So it is important to be creative about exercise: you can work out to a video, skip rope, run on the spot, climb the stairs 50 times or more, do the jumping jack, and dance with the children to a favourite song. At least 30 minutes, five days a week will keep you and the family healthy and fit. After exercise, take a shower and also wash your exercise clothes.

coping with work from home distractions

Express Yourself And Listen

Express yourself and listen to others. Proper communication helps ward off depressive symptoms. Be truthful and frank about what is stressing you. Listen to one another. Discuss with the children frequently to strengthen bonding and obstruct any negative energy.

Insist On Personal Hygiene

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are crucial during this COVID-19 pandemic. Wash your hands frequently, clean and disinfect pro-germ surfaces, clean, and arrange your workspace after work. It is your home, not your office. So it is crucial to keep it safe. Educate your loved ones about the importance of a clean and safe environment, and let them know this challenging time will soon pass.

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