How To Grow Your Success At Work

how to grow your success at

How to grow your success at work details some ideas that will help you navigate that slippery slope in your workplace and win more colleagues to your side.

The fact is you have to interact with your boss and co-workers in the workplace every day. In the midst of this relationship, you must be careful how you navigate those relationships while balancing responsibilities, tasks, and of course workplace politics.

If your feeling is constantly coming out being short-changed when it relates to your requests,   here are some ideas on how to grow your success at work through your ability to walk over sensitive joint barriers.

The Ability To Say ‘No’

how to grow your success at work

For some workers, the major task is the ability to say ‘No’ to their boss or co-workers.  Our desire to want to be seen as a team player is not being questioned here.  After all, no one wants to be thought of as unhelpful or unpleasant so as a result, we nod our heads in the affirmative out of duty.

We may want to step away from aggressive and sensitive disruption at work, but experts propose the way to say no is to control our emotions. Be steadfast. Be strong. Say no and give reasons why politely. It is officially a work thing, not personal. So making it personal and emotional will make your delivery of your point of view more difficult, while your stance with the company will not be taken seriously.

Just say no and do yourself a favour by not justifying your ‘No’ position. If you have a difficult boss and saying no presents a higher level of worry, you can say something like this to him or her, “This is the list of things you asked me to do this week. Kindly suggest what you want me to remove from the list to accommodate this new assignment.”

How To Win An Argument

We all want to believe that we are making significant contributions at work. And we become discouraged if our opinions or interests are frequently dumped for another worker’s suggestions.

One major way to win a debate or argument at work is to do less talking and listen more. I mean really listen to what the person is saying. Yes, it is easier said than done when you are anxious to interrupt a co-worker to defend and present your points of view. It is still important to calm down. Listen first. Then when responding, always recognize the cogency of your co-worker’s side argument. Always express gratitude to the person for stating his or her viewpoint. An inoffensive statement such as ‘I appreciate your point of view and it is quite interesting’ will immensely make someone feel that you are both on the same page. This is much better than interrupting and knocking the other’s argument.

Reassure Your Co-workers

how to grow your success at work

Even at times when you are not in an intense debate with a boss or co-worker, you can face resistance at work from people who are reluctant to change.  Try a new method or use different modalities to reassure your coworkers that following a new path is the best alternative to get work done.

If you are a project leader, it is important to present your point of view in an assuring way without threatening members of the project.  Maintaining your focus on the overall benefits can be a critical influence in getting support for your ideas.  Present to them how your technique will give the project team a favourable appraisal.

Express Appreciation

how to grow your success at work

Appreciate. Be grateful. People will be readily available to do what you want when you have appreciated and applauded previous efforts.  Reserve an appropriate time to express your appreciation, and at the same time building a network of people who will support your activities in the future.

Be ready to identify those people who sent you useful resources, who made the effort to help you, and who went out of their way to inform an opportunity.  Then decide a fitting way to thank those people. It could be a thank you card or e-mail, or an invitation to the project launch.

Be Realistic

Avoid unrealistic demands. Know your company, its management, and the resources it has available to draw from when you are planning an idea.

Prepare a plan

Whatever it is you are proposing, it is important to have a detailed plan to share with your boss. Let him or her know what the impact will be on the team, and get a cost estimate for any purchases. Identify and list the benefits to the team and the company.

Collect feedback

The final idea on how to grow your success at work is to collect feedback. For example, if you are working on a project that impacts everyone in your group, be sure to ask for feedback from your co-workers, and examine their comments objectively. It is highly likely your colleagues will support an initiative in which they have made time and intellectual commitment.

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