8 Tips To Wake Your Spirit

8 tips to wake up your spirit

5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Stress

Physical exhaustion is familiar terrain for many of us. But mental strain like sadness, boredom, worry, anger, and general stress can take a greater toll on vitality, completely wearing us out. While life continues with all the difficult emotions that go with it, life nuisances if tackled with wisdom will enable our brain and body to bounce back with vigour and vitality. These 8 tips to wake up your spirit will help you do just that.

Use Water Therapy

Taking a shower or splashing water on your face can be therapeutic. You feel more relaxed and your energy is invigorated. A little water refresher can instantly help take the edge off when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

8 tips to wake up your spirit

Confidence Dressing

Fight the urge to throw on an old kaftan or jeans and a t-shirt when you’re feeling sluggish. Your confidence gets a boost when you look in the mirror and see a go-getter image, powerfully dressed, not a deflating one that confirms and strengthens your poor state of mind. Dressing for success will wake up your spirit throughout the day and give you a big mental boost every time you catch sight of your reflection.

Let Go Your Negative Feelings

Keeping fear, anxiety, and stress bottled up inside may seem like a mature way to deal with these emotions. But discussing negative feelings with another person can ease them far better than keeping them bottled up. By airing them, you reduce their ability to sap your stamina.

8 tips to wake up your spirit

Listen To Some Music

One of the 8 tips to wake up your spirit is listening to music. Music changes a bad mood, decreases tension and increases energy. Runners in one study who listened to music while on the treadmill ran faster than those who jogged in silence. Music effectively distracts you from feeling tired. Try loading your favorite songs and playing it anytime you need a pick-me-up. If you exercise, so much the better – but the music will move you either way.

Learn To Move On With Life

Nursing a grudge prompts your mind and body to react as if they’re under chronic stress, increasing your heart rate and blood pressure and potentially resulting in an impaired immune system and exhaustion over time. On the other hand, practising empathy and forgiveness after you’ve been wronged makes you feel as if you’re back in control, keeps the body’s stress response in control, and wakes up your spirit.

8 tips to wake your spirit

Breathe Deep

When we are stressed, we are likely to take shallow breaths. Shallow breathing brings less air into the lungs and reduces the supply of energizing oxygen to the body and brain, leaving you physically and mentally drained.

The goal is deep breathing. When you breathe in, your belly should round and fill like a balloon; on an exhale, your belly should slowly deflate. Of course, remembering to practice deep breathing isn’t the first thing on your mind when you’re stressed, but you can try throwing your head back with eyes closed and take a few breathes anytime you tend to feel on edge.

8 tips to wake up your spirit

Reduce The Clutter

Go through that pile of papers or overflowing closet and clear it out. Clutter can make you feel out of control and overwhelmed, especially when you’re already feeling stressed or down. Plus, simply accomplishing a goal, no matter how small, can be liberating.

8 tips to wake up your spirit

Show Empathy To Others

Acts of humanity can lend a little spring to your step and put a smile on your face. One study found that volunteer work can boost your energy in six ways: Triggers happiness, life satisfaction, self-esteem, sense of control over life, physical health, and mood. Find short- and long-term volunteer opportunities around your area.

8 tips to wake up your spirit


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