8 Ways To Awaken Your Relationship

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8 ways to awaken your relationship

How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

Experts say that the happiest couples focus on do’s, not don’ts. They don’t avoid situations that will erupt into arguments. However, they knowingly work to build positivity in their relationships. 8 ways to awaken your relationship help you to move into the good rather than the bad. The benefits of doing that translate to more relaxation, more development, better sex, and sustainable closeness.

Be Grateful

It sounds simple to remember how to show appreciation to your partner. The truth is that gratitude may provide the everyday dose of sparkle that keeps you together in the long term. Gratitude reminds us of the good qualities in our partners and others in their lives.

We tend to get into routines and start taking our partners for granted. Gratitude can work as a sparkling shot, injecting positive emotion into the relationship. When the expression of gratitude focuses on one person, the other person walks around feeling better about themselves, making the relationship stronger.

Make Fun Of Each Other

When your life consists of nothing but working, paying bills, cleaning, and sleeping, having fun can disappear from a relationship. You have to keep it alive by having fun and joking around.

Studies found that couples who teased each other in the heat of conflict felt more connected after the fact. This is because they are able to use that humour strategy to handle the tough stuff in a relationship. So if you’re angered by your partner’s perpetual habit of leaving his boxers on the bedroom floor, try teasing playfully. Remember to use facial expressions that show you are only teasing.

Celebrate Every Success

Partners who respond spontaneously and excitingly to each other’s successes by paying compliments are satisfied with the relationship over time. A couple’s ability to make the most of joyful events feels much better than when they are gloomy over negative events.

When something good happens to your spouse make the most of it. You do not need a major event to bring out the champagne and small savoury chops.

8 ways to awaken your relationship

Be Aware Of Changes In Your Partner

The tendency is to stop noticing our partners as we become so familiar with them. When this happens we miss the growth and changes in each other. So take the time to actively notice differences. For instance, fish out three things that are different from the last time you looked. These differences can be as simple as first, a new pair of sneakers, second, a change of shaving cologne, and third, a more profound change in political ideology. Taking the time to notice changes increases your connection with your partner. Therefore, make time to connect with your partner. Once you begin to really pay attention, you will be surprised by what you will discover.

8 ways to awaken your relationship

Pen It Down

There is something great about using a pen and paper that helps us really take the time to express our feelings.

Writing has a way of building up romantic emotions. A study found that when participants wrote about their relationships for 20 minutes at a time for 3 days, they were more likely to be together 3 months later. They also expressed more positive emotions in message conversations with each other. The writing triggered more good feelings about the relationship. So next time you think fondly of your partner, pen those thoughts down.

Give Silent Support

Included in the 8 ways to awaken your relationship is giving silent support. Being all showy about your support will not build up your connection. This is because partners feel obligated which leads to more stress. But hidden acts of kindness brighten your mate’s day, especially when he or she is going through a challenging time. As a result, instead of making outlandish gestures, find subtle ways to make your partner’s life easier: Make him his favourite dinner or give him a soothing massage after a hard day at the office, without being asked. Being silently supportive is a good way to bond more.

8 ways to awaken your relationship

Get Back To Intimacy

Getting back into the intimacy game is definitely one of the 8 ways to awaken your relationship. A simple touch, in which partners gently touch each other’s neck, shoulders, and hands, increases oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that facilitates bonding and reduces partners’ blood pressure and physiological stress levels. Cultivating ‘body sense’ awareness on one’s own and with one’s partner is essential. This is not only for a good sexual relationship but also during any close encounter.

In other words, you can reap the benefits of physical closeness even when you do not have the time or energy for sex. Just a quick hug or back rub can boost your mood – and your connection with your partner.

8 ways to awaken your relationship

Be Kind To Yourself

One of the 8 ways to awaken your relationship advises self-kindness. If you are having a rough patch, often the most effective thing that you can do is to lovingly remove your attention from the relationship. Forget about what the other person is doing badly, or is not doing. Instead, focus on taking positive action in your own life instead.

By taking care of what you need in your own life, you bring a more positive attitude back into the relationship. The other person will start to treat you differently because you have moved your energy into your own life.


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