Benefits of Forgiveness To Wellbeing

Benefits of forgiveness to wellbeing

Good Friends Can Boost Your Health

The benefits of forgiveness to wellbeing are both internal and external. To forgive is something that people generally have difficulty with. You often hear phrases like ‘I forgive, but won’t forget’. If you’re going to forgive is it not better to forget the whole crappy episode and move on?

So Why Don’t We Forgive Gladly?

The reason could be that it is easier to hate than to forgive. Some think forgiving means you are weak. I doubt this notion. To forgive is audacious and takes so much out of you. Forgiveness is a good trait.  It is borne from a generous heart. It is merciful because you forgive irrespective of whether the recipient is worthy of your generous heart or not. 

benefits of forgiveness to wellbeing

Sometimes you forgive not because you’re asked to forgive or to give an apology for a wrong. You just forgive for you, for your inner peace, and perhaps also for wanting to bring to closure an upsetting drama. This doesn’t make forgiveness a one-second verbal mumble. 

Forgiveness is an act and a process that takes time in some situations. The more offended you are the longer it usually takes to forgive completely. It is an act because it is not just saying the words ‘I forgive you’, but it is your actions afterward that prove the genuineness of your forgiveness.  For instance, you say you forgive your spouse but still not on speaking terms.

Benefits Of Forgiveness To Wellbeing

Releases From Hatred

It takes enormous energy to hate and perpetuate that hate. It becomes a must to forgive because forgiveness releases you from the burden of hatred and anger, bringing freedom. Whereas though it’s often said that ‘revenge is sweet’, but it’s neither sweet nor rewarding; it often leaves you empty and wished you hadn’t done it.

Improves Mental Health

Numerous studies have proven that hatred and anger can actually make you sick because both put too much stress on your body, and also confirm the probability of the inappropriateness of many people in the hospital as a result of physical illness, when the cases are in actual fact more mental related.  So that the moment these patients forgive and let go of their hatred they start to get well.

Opens The Doors For Blessings

Forgiveness opens the doors for more blessings. The Bible says that before you pray for anything first forgive those who wronged you, and then your Father in heaven will forgive you your wrongs. So it is obvious that blessings are closely connected to your forgiving others.

benefits of forgiveness to wellbeing

The Key To Full Forgiveness

The key to knowing when you haven’t really forgiven someone is when you still experience a negative sting whenever you think of him or her, if after you have ‘forgiven’.  It means you still have work to do. If however, you don’t have negative feelings towards that person it means you are free. It’s certainly something to think about.

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