Heart Disease Symptoms To Check

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Heart disease symptoms to check

How Healthy Is Your Heart?

Heart disease symptoms to check is a must-do knowing heart disease remains the No.1 killer of men and women. Heart disease is so deadly because a lot of people delay seeking help when symptoms arise. Sudden chest pain is not the only reason for you to call your doctor.  There are some symptoms that are not always discernible or strong, but then again this varies from one person to another and is gender-related.

The higher your risk factors, the likelihood that a symptom signifies some irregularity with your heart. As a matter of fact, heart affliction is rampant amongst younger people who often feel they are too young to have heart trouble. But unfortunately, a serious heart problem can mean sudden death. It’s better to get yourself checked than to be dead. Experts gave 12 heart disease symptoms to check that may signal a heart problem.


 A heart attack can cause intense fretfulness or a fear of death. People who survived a heart attack often speak about having gone through a feeling of an imminent disaster.

Pain In The Chest

 Chest pain is a typical symptom of a heart attack. A pain that is heart-related is centered under the breastbone, maybe a little to the left of the center. Always likened to ‘an elephant sitting on the chest’. It is also described as a painful sensation of pressure, squeezing, or fullness.

Women also experience a burning sensation in their chest often described as not bad enough to warrant taking analgesics.  At times people think the pain comes from a stomach problem.

heart disease symptoms to check

Pain All Over The Body

Though in many heart attacks, pain starts in the chest and moves to the shoulders, arms, elbows, back, jaw, or abdomen. And at other times pain in the chest doesn’t happen. Men having a heart attack often feel pain in the left arm. In women, the pain is more likely to be felt in both arms, or between the shoulder blades.

Cough Or Gasping

 Heart disease symptoms to check to include continuous coughing or gasping can be a symptom of heart failure due to fluid accumulation in the lungs. Some people with heart failure cough up bloody phlegm.

heart disease symptoms to check


Lightheadedness and faintness can be caused by heart attacks or potentially dangerous heart rhythm abnormalities known as arrhythmias.

heart disease symptoms to check


Feeling tired and unwell all the time may be heart disease symptoms to check. Particularly among women, unusual tiredness can occur during a heart attack, or in the days and weeks leading up to one. Undoubtedly one can feel tired for other reasons. But if you feel unwell and you’re seriously tired, just visit your doctor because there’s a danger in delaying.

Queasiness Or Loss Of Appetite

It’s not unusual for people to throw up during a heart attack, while the loss of appetite is caused by a bloated abdomen often linked to heart failure.

heart disease symptoms to check

Fast Or Irregular Pulse

 There is nothing to worry about an occasionally missed heartbeat, according to doctors. But a fast or irregular pulse, particularly when attended by weakness, lightheadedness, or shortness of breath may signal a heart attack, heart failure, or arrhythmia. Some arrhythmias if not treated can lead to stroke, heart failure, or sudden death.

heart disease symptoms to check


At times people having a heart attack may not have chest pain symptoms. However, they may feel extremely out of breath. It’s like the feeling of having run a marathon when they haven’t even moved. During a heart attack, breathlessness often goes along with chest discomfort, but can also occur before or without chest discomfort.

heart disease symptoms to check


Breaking out in a cold sweat is a common symptom of a heart attack. You might just be lying down on a couch when suddenly you’re actually sweating without any workout.


 Heart failure can cause fluid to accumulate in the body, causing the feet ankle, legs, or abdomen to swell. There’s also a sudden weight gain and sometimes a loss of appetite.

Chronic Weakness

In the days leading up to a heart attack, some people go through chronic inexplicable weakness. One woman who experienced such chronic weakness said she could hardly hold a piece of paper between her fingers.

For more online information on heart-related issues visit WebMD, Mayo Clinic, and Harvard Medical School Journal, but is very important to see your doctor if you’re concerned about your health.


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