How Healthy Is Your Relationship?

how healthy is your relationship?

How A Partner Helps Your Heart

How healthy is your relationship? Experts have provided eight signs which will confirm whether your relationship is on the right track.

Support Each Other Emotionally

There is no doubt that during challenging times, you and your partner should have each other for emotional support. This is because by connecting with each other, you will be providing a sense of comfort and relief from stress or times of need.

You Are Accepted And Loved

 When you and your partner feel completely accepted and loved for who you are, even during times of conflict, that is a good sign.

how healthy is your relationship?

Value The Relationship

Your relationship is of immense value particularly when you accept it as a priority in your lives. This means that you and your partner will have no problem finding time to dedicate and support the relationship.

Create A Safe Haven

Creating a safe haven provides a secure base that allows you both to pursue your personal goals outside the relationship. This will eliminate the situation whereby a spouse feels guilty for being busy with little time for her marriage.

Trust Each Other

Trusting each other in supportive ways is crucial to a healthy relationship. In particular, trusting each other to be emotionally available when the need arises.

At Ease With Intimacy

 You are both at ease with discussing intimate and vulnerable feelings. You are also comfortable with leaning on each other while upholding distinct individual needs and personalities. Being comfortable with intimacy also enables both of you well.

Maintain Self-Worth

It is possible to maintain individual self-worth and feel close to your partner without compromising a healthy relationship. So even though you have a separate sense of worth, this variance should still be supported by your relationship.

Resolve Problems Amicably

You discuss depressing situations or grey areas of your relationship in an agreeable respectful manner. You also respond to each other’s problems, comforting and moving ahead to resolve them as a team.

3 Ways To Fit ‘Connect Time’ Into Your Day

If your marriage feels dull and could do with a slight shakeup, some changes in daily habits can resuscitate your relationship according to experts.

A vital strategy is to create stress-free ‘connect time’ regularly with your partner.  It could be as simple as enjoying a cup of cocoa or green tea together after dinner. Or just taking one hour leisurely walk in the park at the weekend.

Do the things you love to do

 The best ‘connect time’ is spent doing things you already love to do together. The only necessary ingredient is the commitment to make it a compulsory routine. For instance, if you always have a cup of cocoa or green tea after dinner, make this happen without the children every night. Alternatively, go to bed together and spend some time immersed in each other without a distracting TV.

how healthy is your relationship?

A little devotion means a lot

Devote to a proper time and place with a clear beginning and end. And stick with it.  If parenting duties disturb this routine, think of dependable hands to take care of the children for an hour or so each week.

Don’t complicate your connect time 

Keep things simple during your connect time.  Make a point not to disagree or try to solve family problems. Also, resist talking about finances or arguing about whose turn it is to drop the children off at school. Such arguments can destroy couples’ connect time. The key objective is to unwind and connect.

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