Slow Down The Ageing Process

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Slow down the ageing process

Turn Back Time With Simple Healthy Living Tips

How to slow down the ageing process is not all about facial cosmetics but more about living a healthy lifestyle. When people stop to ask you your age, you challenge them to a guessing game. You silently pray that they don’t say you’re hem… about 50 when you are actually 35.  You pray that it would be the other way around.  That usually makes your day.  Of course, we all want to look younger than our age, and why not? Being youthful is the closest to the youth we can get. And since we can’t stop the ageing process, we can at least slow it down.

In order to slow down the ageing process, there are two categories of anti-ageing procedures we need to pursue. The Mind-body Side & the Cosmetic Side.


Be Yourself

The secret to younger-looking-you is in your mind. Being yourself and not acting the society’s stereotypical character of a 50 or 60-year-old is the first sure way to take wrinkles off your face and bring more laughter. That’s my No. 1 recommendation to slow down the ageing process. Ignore society’s expectations.

Get Into the Habit of a Good Nutrition

A habit of good nutrition helps slow down the ageing process. This includes eating a proper diet and making sure you get complete nutritional requirements that will assist your body’s natural defence system against diseases and the effects of stress. Taking a high-quality vitamin pack each day can help to assure your nutrition. 

slow down the ageing process

Be Active

Yes, exercise is the key to increasing youthfulness and combating the negative aspects of stress. The body’s cardiovascular and muscular systems flush out the old and bring in the new on a cellular level.

The body heats up, and sweat excretes what is released out of the body, removing elements that cause these systems to deteriorate when idle. Your skin is moisturised and replenished through this process as well, which helps keep a more youthful appearance. Over time, this regular activity helps to slow down the ageing process.

Limit Stress

Learn to know when you are stressed and cut it short. Stress increases your heart rate without having positive effects like exercise. Every attempt should be made to limit the stress in your life. In order to tackle this issue, identify the most stressful conditions you face personally and then eliminate or limit your exposure. Unfortunately, in most cases may not be possible. Getting a different job or divorcing your spouse is more realistic than it may originally appear, but they are not the options most would accept. A better alternative is a spa treatment. It may be short-term, but it at least relaxes all the tense muscles.

Identify What Makes You Happy

While accepting the fact that it is expedient that society must be considered when you act. It is equally important to act responsibly so you don’t lose those close to you. However, your happiness and good health come first. And that is within your control. The logic is that if you are not happy and in good shape health-wise, you will not have the time of day for anyone else. And that is the basic truth.

Make Your Rules

While not totally anti-social, try to define the boundaries that if you go outside of, then you are moving towards the blues. Simply means, make your rules and stick with them.

Love and Appreciate Your Body

 Love your body and yourself. Stop trying to be what you are not – physically, mentally and socially.  There is always something good in everyone.  Look for that positive and special gift and run with it.

Live Your Dreams

Trying to copy your friends’ success without knowing the roots of success will frustrate you and may lead to unnecessary envy. Moreover trying to run on their footprints may burn you out earlier than you think. Instead, sit down and learn what you are good at. Ask questions from experts, and start on your own journey to success.

slow down the ageing process

Know When It Is NO

Don’t allow yourself to be pushed into anything you don’t want to do. Resist it, particularly when your body, mind, and soul is saying capital NO. Saying No is crucial to your peace of mind and a sure way to slow down the ageing process.

slow down the ageing process

Indulge in Healthy Living

Drink several glasses of water each day. Watch less TV. Walk More. Drive Less. Don’t smoke. Use natural alternatives to prescriptions when available. Get 6-8 hours of sleep each night. By indulging in a healthy lifestyle, you slow down the ageing process.

Cosmetic Side

Deal With Under-Eye Circles

Under-eye puffiness is the result of fluid retention, with the sun adding its own darkish colour.  The sun depletes our collagen supply making skin less plump and taut, and causing tiny blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface to dilate and burst. A chilled gel-filled eye compress will constrict them making them less noticeable and reducing puffiness. Also will a restful sleep.

Kick Out Crow’s Feet

Since wrinkles result from a loss of collagen in the skin. You need an eye cream with retinol or some vitamin A derivative, such as a retinyl linoleate or retinyl palmitate. This product will plump the skin and soften fine lines by boosting collagen production and stimulating cell turnover

slow down ageing process

Define Your Brows

A good arch can give you an amazing lid-lifting effect. Use eyebrow stencils to create your perfect shape.  Here is how to do it: Place the stencil over your brow and colour over brow hairs with a highlighter. White eyeliner will work, too. If you like the shape, tweeze all the hairs that are not highlighted, then rinse away the pencil marks. For the softest, prettiest look, fill brows with powder, not a pencil. But if you want to leave your eyebrows natural, invest in a gel to press and smooth it down. You don’t really want to have an untidy eyebrow.

slow down the ageing process

Don’t Forget The Concealer

A great under-eye concealer can make you look 10 years younger.  Go for one with light brown (or any colour close to your natural tone) undertones to cancel out that blackish cast under your eyes. The texture is also important: A non-tacky texture will smooth over fine lines instead of settling into — and pronouncing – them.

Try some on your hand: It should feel light and smooth and should not flake off or crack when your skin stretches. Look for a concealer that contains elastic-y Nylon 12, and actual nylon that expands and contracts when you smile or frown your brow. Avoid concealers that are lighter than your skin.  They will add 10 years to your face.

slow down the ageing process

Brighten Up

You know bright eyes light up your whole face — like an afterglow without the sex. O.K, what if sex is out of it for now and still needs that afterglow? You can try removing the redness with Visine eye drop. It is impossible to look at your youngest if your eyes are bloodshot or dull.

Another trick is to try a black or navy eyeliner that brings out the whites of your eyes, regardless of your eye colour, or smooth on a light brown skin-similar shade of shadow across your brow bone. The hint of tint will draw attention upward and lift your entire eye.

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