Mistakes Women Make In Marriage

mistakes women make in marriage

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There are six mistakes women make in marriage. For starters, if you don’t say what you want, your husband is flying solo and is very unlikely to meet your desires. In addition, the tone of your voice when you speak about your problems can make or mar your chances of him listening. There is also the bedroom matter.

It’s easy to get married, but staying married is delicate and tricky. Marriage experts provide six mistakes women make in marriage. These mistakes can destroy the union, or at the very least shake its foundations. It doesn’t matter if it’s you or your spouse committing these blunders. It is important to take more proactive actions in order to make all the difference.

Too Eager To Satisfy

Some wives are too willing to give up on what they want. It’s a situation where the wife is being an accessory to the husband, rather than being a full and equal partner in the marriage. Some women tend to concentrate on the man, making it all about both of them. The major reason is that they are afraid of stirring a fight. Or just assume that to retain the relationship they must neglect their needs. It’s a sense of hopelessness that eventually leads to a boiling point.

The solution is to express your concerns rationally, whether about housework or parenting duties. Or about not getting enough time with your husband or for yourself. For example, he may like being with his friends at the weekends. While she may want him around for family time. But, speaking up about your thoughts will encourage working on a compromise. For instance, both of you may agree on an activity that gives the family an opportunity to spend quality time together.

mistakes women make in marriage

Not Specific About Your Desires

Couples that perform best in marriage tend to make their desires clear from the start. Particularly as regards allocated duties, parenting, and finances.

Unfortunately, several couples don’t engage in those discussions rather function individually. And not as a team. Anger can build up if there are dissimilarities in desires or in an unfulfilled dream. For example, your husband had promised you could go back for your postgraduate degree after nursing your first child. He reneged on the agreement because he feels the child needs both parents, and the mother more. That is one dream dashed.

Another case is when some women think having a baby will bring their husbands closer. But research shows marriage satisfaction plummets after the first child. However, if you are aware of this fact before marriage, it would assist you in managing the constraints. This way, anger will be suppressed when disagreement starts.

Unconcerned About The Tone Of Your Voice

The tone of your voice can be a problem when mixed with negativity, irrespective of who is involved. If you are worried, experts advise tabling your concerns in a respectful and civilised manner. At least this is better than a voice tinged with frustration, sarcasm, and irritation.  It’s very OK to talk about what’s troubling you. However, it should be done in a way that looks for answers and options, rather than in a way that places a hold on a peaceful solution.

mistakes women make in marriage

Allow Dissimilarity In Communication Styles

Bringing discordant tunes into communication is one of the mistakes women make in marriage. If you feel that your husband doesn’t open up to you, perhaps it’s because he’s not hearing you. So you may want to search for other ways you can try to get through to him.

When a woman repeats the same complaint just to get her husband’s attention, it may be irritating to some men who call it nagging. However, it may just be about dissimilarity in communication styles. For instance, the woman may want conversation, but the man has not determined how to respond. Or the man seems to have closed up. So the speaker pushes further.  That’s a nasty pattern.

If such happens in your relationship, pause to give your spouse the space to take in what you’re saying. As well as time to confirm what he has heard. It might help to examine personality idiosyncrasies and what both of you can change.  Unfortunately, the challenge is to identify what can’t be changed and move towards acceptance.

Underestimating The Power Of Sex

Underestimating the power of sex is one of the costly mistakes women make in marriage. Many women don’t give enough time for sex, usually citing tiredness or parenting as excuses. That’s a costly blunder, marriage experts repeat. The fact is that what is good for everybody is healthy sex life. It maintains the happiness of the family. And of course, children want their parents to be happy with a strong, positive bond.

Therefore, it’s important that you should make time and develop the desire to make love to your husbands. This is not about women abandoning everything to have sex with their spouses. But it is healthier if both see it as spending quality time together and ramping up sexual desire during the week. How? You start well by feeling sexy and taking care of yourself. After all, if you do more self-care, you will feel good and highly likely to feel sexual.

mistakes women make in marriage

Failing To Appreciate Your Partner

It’s easy to focus on kids, work, and home and forget the little gestures that strengthen a marriage. In healthy relationships, there are drips of appreciation very often extended to the other. They may be eye contact, hugs, smiles, or nice verbal comments that profess respect for the other. By paying attention, agreeing, appreciating, and loving, you will be sending out positive energy that enfolds both of you completely.

By being appreciative, you remind each other of your love and likeness for each other. After all, a great friendship is at the soul of successful marriages.

Finally, it’s a fairy tale that a good marriage sustains itself. No, it doesn’t. A good marriage entails continuous learning about each other. The marriage relationship continues to evolve for the reason that what you are at 25 is not what you are at 35.


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