Turn Back Time With Simple Healthy Living Tips

turn back time with simple healthy living tips

Slow Down The Ageing Process

‘If I could turn back time’ is a cry of regret about lost opportunities. Or wishing things had been done differently. And seeking one more chance to redress.  It could be in your marriage, your job, relationship with your parents, children, or friends. Whatever it is you can turn back time with simple healthy living tips, beauty and style, and a positive attitude.

Now, here’s the reality. Yes, trying to recapture 20 or 30 years look, at forty or fifty, is a tall order. But doable.  Yes, it is possible to slow the ageing process or knock-off ten years from your age. How? By remaining visible. The secrets are so simple and related to your health, beauty, style, and attitude. Our advice? Turn back time with simple healthy living tips provided below:

How To Turn Back Time Through Healthy Living 

Good diet

Eat well and you could be 50 and 25 at the same time. Feed your body with junk, and you’ll feel miserable.  The youthful feel has to start from inside, that is work from the inside not from the outside.  In other words, piling cosmetics on your face may look great, but you still feel horrible.  That is, you can’t look great until you feel it. What to do? You can go on a powerful diet that includes plenty of water, green and black tea, raw vegetables, fish, lean meats, and fruits.

turn back time with simple healthy living tips

Exercise regularly

Regular workout will help strengthen your heart and lungs, lower high blood pressure, and improve your energy levels.  Moreover, it will also increase good cholesterol, bone density to prevent osteoporosis, and help your weight loss plan.  Just 30 minutes a day of brisk walking, jogging, or swimming is enough to make a difference.

Sleep well

Compare your skin texture and feel when you had a good sleep when you hardly slept.    A good sleep rejuvenates your skin and gives that healthy glow when you wake up.  But a bad night makes your skin taut, dull, and hot. Your skin feels it is sitting on top of an oven, excessively oily or dry. Oh and bloodshot eyes.  Therefore, it is important to signal your body to wind down.

turn back time with simple healthy living tips

Manage stress

 Another ageing initiator is stress.  While you need stress to keep you going, too much can contribute to all sorts of health problems. From headaches and migraines to high blood pressure and diabetes.  Therefore, having an action plan on how to manage stress is the best way to minimise its negative effects on your body.

How To Turn Back Time Through Beauty And Style

Avoid severe hairdos

Your facial contours tend to sag as the years go by.  But your youthfulness stays longer if you wear flattering styles that take years off your face.  Short or shoulder-length hair suits an older face.   Take a cue from Hale Berry.

Less makeup

Less makeup is more.  This may sound hollow in an age where makeup has gone high tech.   But keeping makeup light and dewy keeps eyes off lines and wrinkles.  For example, a hard deep crimson, purple or black lipstick is very unflattering to older mouths.  You will be better off aiming for a soft shade and apply impeccably. Otherwise, opt for natural gloss. Also, buffing your lips with dry toothbrush takes the dead flakes off.

turn back time with healthy living tips

Get rid of frumpy clothes

‘Oh, I like to be comfortable, so I can’t be bothered to experiment’. There is no problem keeping your  ‘pull- over- my- head- and -off –I- go’ clothes, the danger is that your ‘comfort’ clothes start to bulge in your wardrobe.  Could it really be due to a lack of confidence to try new things or ‘just can’t be bothered?  I am guilty of this aspect.  The truth is that frumpy clothes are ageing.  Keep one or two comfy clothes, and chuck out the rest. Go for smart and cute outfit.

Have fun with fashion

There is a thin line between youthful dressing and dressing young.  Dressing young puts you in danger of competing with your teenage daughter.  But youthful dressing helps you look stylish and modern without appearing like a frumpy matron dressed like a sixteen-year-old girl. So what to do?  Take the main fashion idea and adapt it to suit your personality.

turn back time with simple healthy living tips

Don’t over-accessorise

 Careful accessorising can make any outfit look gorgeous. But too much can rubbish it.  As a general rule, less is usually more as you get older.  For instance, let’s say the trends feature chunky large earrings and necklaces. One of either will do. And let your footwear do the rest of the ‘talking’. 

turn back time with simple healthy living tips

Wear right fabric and fit

If you’re lucky to have a curvy shape, you need smooth fabrics that slide over any lumps and bumps.    If your outfit is being tailored made, ensure it is the right fit.  If you’re buying from a store, ignore the size label and go for fit.  If you wear clothes that are too small, you will look bigger.  If you wear clothes that are too big, you will look frumpy.  But an outfit that fits perfectly will take off years.

turn back time with simple healthy living tips

Good Posture Matters

Try a few stomach exercises to pull your tummy in.  This is because poor posture can ruin an outfit. Whereas standing tall can make it look fabulous.  So, walk with your head held high. And lift your chest and hips in the process.  There you are! A perfect posture and a younger slimmer you.

How To Turn Back Time With Positive Attitude

Avoid the ‘I am too old’ syndrome

Turn back time with simple healthy living tips that include a positive attitude. Don’t see people as ‘younger or older than me’, but rather as people. Otherwise with such thinking, it is easy to become stuck with your age group only.  Without friends of all ages, you miss a lot of laughs and lessons. You also risk becoming rigidly stuck with a very limited view of life. Therefore do not put age barriers to potentially rewarding new relationships.  Instead, get out of the habit of referring to the ‘good old days’ or complaining about being too old.  Age is relative. Being older just means that you have had more days to do things in a certain way. 

Get excited about now

Clear the cobwebs from your closet. And this is a good time to turn a new leaf and start something new.  See each day as an opportunity for new, wonderful experiences.   Certainly, deep down you know exactly what you have always wanted to do.  This is the time to go out and do it. For instance, if you have always wanted to publish a book. This is the time to learn how to do it.

Feel young, act young

It is easy to get strung out, as you get older. Feeling young and acting young does not mean wearing teenage clothes or doing childish things.  It is more a positive attitude to life, cheerfulness that shines through.  You are firm but have a softer side too.  You are unpretentious and love being you.  You are relaxed and easy-going.  You laugh out loud. Even when you are serious, there is always a promise of a smile at any minute.  

There is no doubt all these positive attitudes make you youthful inside. In the end, this invariably radiates outside making you feel and look good. For me, this is the best of the turn back time with simple healthy living tips: you feel and act young.


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