Using Colour To Improve Your Wellbeing

using colour to improve your wellbeing

Power Of Touch & Smell To Wellbeing

Using colour to improve your wellbeing is not new. Colour, like food, smell, weather, stress, affects our moods.  Colour can make us happy, confident, put a spring in our stride. Or simply put us in a better frame of mind.  Then again, it can make us sad, angry, moody, and unresponsive. 

What Are The Emotional Benefits Of Colour?

While a particular colour can bring out the best in us, another may just do the opposite.   This is the reason why some individuals use the same tone of colours in dressing, and have a particular preference for certain colours in their habitat or offices, in their choice of cars, accessories,  and food. 

Now taking the issue of colour a bit further, it is evident in the natural occurrence of day and night.  The day representing white, and night black. We work during the day when it is bright and clear to do so. And go to sleep at night when it is dark because darkness encourages slumber. 

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Even in regions where winter is experienced and it starts to get dark by three o’clock in the afternoon, it can be depressing, because the darkness is not welcomed at that early time.  Although in summertime the reverse is the case as people are in a better spirit. Why? firstly, the weather is conducive and warmer, secondly, daylight is longer.

Also, just imagine waking up in the morning to look up and see a red sky that sets in motion panic and anxiety. Compare that to the calming effect of white and sky blue colours.

What does fashion dictate?  Even though the fashion norm dictates that black is suitable for evening, while white is more a morning or afternoon wear. This not hold strong anymore. This is because there is more focus on what is available, suitable, or comfortable at the spur of the moment. 

7 Wonders of Colour

Using colour to improve your wellbeing therefore basically means choosing a colour that:

Gives you emotional uplift

You need to watch yourself over a period of time and note how you feel when you wear certain colours.  For example, wearing white makes some people feel clean and fresh than other coloured fabrics.  Black on the other hand, apart from the morbid label attached to it, makes some feel glamorous.  Other colours have different emotional uplift or downturns. It is important for you to note the trend. And go for colours that make you feel good inside.  Once you have identified these colours, then you can extend that into other areas of your needs.

using colour to improve your wellbeing

Directly improves your performance

 This may sound a bit farfetched, but ask yourself what colour you were wearing those times you were at your best.  For the case in point, wearing white to do construction work, or mechanical, or gardening may not be altogether appealing. Since you will get dirty quickly.  More so, wearing white may actually impede your performance as you find it unbearable to soil the white overall. 

On the other hand, a nurse who is used to wearing the traditional white uniform, or light blue, may feel slightly awkward initially when given red or orange uniform for instance. Simply, it is not only about getting the job done, but also your emotional wellness while doing the job.

Elevates your spiritual being

Again some people have said that some colours actually elevate them to a higher realm. Therefore, identify these colours and use them to your advantage and desires.

using colour to improve your wellbeing

Improves your total wellbeing

Some colours cannot but make you feel good. You get an instant uplift whenever you wear, or around these colours. It is a refreshingly good feeling similar to what you get after a workout.  Your breathing is slower and deeper and you glow.

Complements who you are

The colours you choose radiate your personality.  After a while, certain colours tend to blend with your personality. So much so that when you stray away from them, you not only feel uncomfortable. But also your friend and associates notice the change. 

Helps you to convalescent quickly

You may call it healing colours. But some people claim to recover quickly from illness when they wear or around certain colours.  They even as far as changing the colours of their room to white or blue. Simple because they believe these colours make them heal faster. 

using colour to improve your wellbeing

Calms you

Some colours have a serene and calming effect on our state of mind. While others can be harsh and consequently make us unnecessarily excited, or even angry.

How To Identify The Power Of Colours

REWIND into two weeks of your daily routine. And try to identify and examine factors which have in one way or the other contributed to your total wellbeing. 

THEN STOP.  Ask the question of whether colour played any significant part?   If not, don’t worry.

Now PLAY your daily routine and learn to identify signals emanating from your body when you wear, or around, certain colours.  

It may be difficult at first. But with practice, using colour to improve your wellbeing becomes easier. You will soon be able to pick out the power of colours from other factors, which you can then replay as often as it pleases you.

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