6 Sex Mistakes Women Make

How To Resolve Unequal Sexual Desire

6 sex mistakes women make is just to confirm that women do actually have their own fair share of sex mistakes. Though it is often very easy to blame the men for not doing as much as they should in the intimacy game. After all, it is assumed that they understand women’s bodies and what turns them on. Right?

Then again, men too have their own sex mistakes. In the end, the fact remains that it takes two to play the game.  According to sex and relationship experts, there are 6 sex mistakes women make. If any of these are familiar, what can you do to get the pleasure you truly deserve? This article suggests 6 tips to help you get on top of your game.

You Don’t Want To Introduce Sex To Your Partner

A lot of us still want to be prim, proper, and of course ladylike.  The last thing we want to do is initiate sex.  That act in itself will make us look pushy or aggressive. Unfortunately, resisting the urge to introduce sex to your partner is one of the biggest mistakes women make.

In a true relationship, not the one-night-stand type, many men would not mind being pampered in the bedroom too. In essence, most men want to be lured into sex just as women do. And not just always being the initiators of sex. This often creates an imbalance in the relationship’s passion level.

So, let your interest be known by taking the initiative now and again.  A good partner should probably be pleased. And possibly discover a new level of pleasure when you take ownership of your sexual experience.

6 sex mistakes women make

You Are Anxious About Your Looks

Worrying constantly about how you look during sex inhibits the spontaneity and enjoyment of intimacy. Thereby destroying your chances of reaching an orgasm. This is one of the 6 sex mistakes women make.

Perhaps you often worry about the fat on your stomach, the cellulite on your thighs, how your breasts look, or the makeup on your face. The advice is to focus on the pleasure of that moment. Allow yourself the pleasure of an orgasm. Truly, men want their wives to let go and be free during sex play. Surely this will not happen if she is preoccupied with her looks.

For instance, think back on situations when you loosen your inhibition and just let things roll during sex.  Anyway, during those times, it is very unlikely your man was aware of all those things you think are imperfect about your body. Surprisingly men focus more on the act and are likely to notice if you are excited, flexible, active, lively, and absorbed in them.

6 sex mistakes women make

According to experts, men are much more attracted to women who show signs of health and youth, and fertility.  So instead of worrying about your ‘would have been’ trim figure. Instead, spend more time on your energy level and your excitement to be with him.

Stop Thinking Sex Is ‘Just Sex’ For Men

Amazingly, for some men, there is more to sex than ‘just sex’. It is an important act. Therefore, resist trivialising it. For instance, some women see it as a dutiful act. So, it becomes the “Oh just do what you want to do and leave me in peace” kind of thing. A committed relationship should find both men and women having more satisfying sexual intimacy. Moreover, several pieces of research confirmed that married couples have the best quality and most frequent sex. This finding seems to have thrown out the ‘ casual sex’ image branded on men for so long. 

And even in one-night stands situations, research shows that men are just as serious about sex and relationships as women.  More than 50% of women and 52% of men who went into a one-night stand reported that they did so hoping to find commitment. And remarkably one-third of them actually did so. The lesson? One of the key 6 sex mistakes women make is to stop the assumption that men are not romantic. Two huge mistakes are that women are not sexual and that men are not as romantic (as women).

Stop Assuming All He Thinks About Is Sex

This might be true with most teenagers who are willing and ready to do sex anytime you ask. It is a different ball game for mature men. The daily pressures of life from family, bills, and work can diminish a man’s sexual prowess.  So when a man shows a lack of interest in sex, women should not take it personally. And go on to think oh he does not love you anymore. That is not true. Remember, women also are not interested in sex all of the time. This also does not stop her from loving the man anyway. So try to understand when a man does not want to have sex occasionally.

6 sex mistakes women make

You Don’t Guide Him

In order to have a satisfying sexual relationship, it is important to talk about what you like about sex and what you do not like.  Yeah, right it can be unsettling to discuss sexual matters even with someone you have been living with for years. But it is a must that you should communicate right. It is not wrong if a woman takes the lead in her sexual experience. It will be difficult for a man to bring a woman to orgasm if he has no clue what to do. The woman must take responsibility for her sexual experience. 

Even the best Romeo needs guidance on how to give pleasure to his woman. It is gratifying at least knowing men very much want to satisfy women. So how a woman leads a man is very crucial. There is no doubt he will appreciate your lead if you communicate in a way that does not hurt his ego.  How to do this?  The advice to women is to place what they do not like in between five things they like.  Men do listen. And if you are clear about it, your wishes will be met next time you are in bed with him. Fingers crossed!

You Freeze When He Suggests Something New

Repetitive sexual styles can become drab for couples who have been together for a while. This is another common error listed in the 6 sex mistakes women make. So it is normal to want to spice things up a little.  However, do not give the attitude just because your man wants to try something new.  This is because wanting to spice things up does not mean he is not pleased with your sex life. In other words, do not take it personally.

This having been said, it is equally important to stay in your comfort zone. You do not have to be beholden to try things you are hesitant about during your sexual act. Therefore, communication is key in this situation also.  Whether your inability to acquiesce is due to a religious or moral issue, explain to him lovingly why you cannot submit to his new suggestions. Or if it is a shocking request and your initial reaction is O.M.G., try not to overdramatise.  Rather ask for time to think about it.

6 sex mistakes women make


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