Perfect Skin At Any Age

perfect skin at any age

Tips To Help You Feel Great

Millions of women are looking for ways to slow down the ageing of their skin.   There is now a better understanding of how the skin ages. And the possibilities of making the skin appear firmer, and smoother without resorting to surgery.  There are loads of ageing-defying creams in the stores with tempting promises.  So, perfect skin at any age is now possible.  However, the key to maintaining a youthful look is to start early.  As early as in your twenties. Here are some tips for perfect skin at any age.

The Funtime 20’s

Skin cells regenerated at a high speed during this period.  Resulting in a smooth and radiant complexion.  The fibres that give skin its plumped-up look and elasticity (collagen and elastin)  are in top condition.

Your anti-ageing secrets

Anti-oxidant products 

This is the time to start using anti-oxidant-based products. Studies have shown that topically applied antioxidants like Vitamin C and E can help fight age-accelerating free radical damage.  The use of anti-oxidants should not be restricted to the 20s. Although this is the time to make skin products containing these essential nutrients a habit

Protect, protect, and protect

Your song during this age is to ‘protect, protect, and protect’. The goal is to keep your skin from ageing early.

perfect skin at any age

The Energetic 30’s

This is the age that most women begin to notice a difference in their skin.  By the time you turn 30, cell regeneration begins to slow down. This makes the skin look dull.  Collagen and elastin are not being produced rapidly as in your 20s.  This is one reason why you start to notice fine lines, while your habitual facial expressions begin to leave a visible mark.

Your anti-ageing secrets

Exfoliate and cleanse

Exfoliate with physical scrub or hydroxyl-acids in addition to cleansing your face. This helps speed up your skin’s cellular turnover.  Age-defying picks like St Ives Apricot Scrub is available and will exfoliate dead skin cells perfectly.

Skin and eye creams

You can diminish the fine lines with powerful skin (and eye) creams. Since, cellular repair speed up when you are asleep, this is the best time to load the skin with nutrient-rich creams.  Buy products with retinol (a vitamin A derivative),  kinetin (an anti-ageing substance found in the leaves of green plants), and peptides (skin healing amino acid compounds).

You can also check out age-defying products from Elizabeth Arden Bye Lines Anti-Wrinkle Serum or L’Oreal skin brands. In addition, Oil of Olay Total Effects Intensive Restoration Treatment is available at top supermarket stores

And if you need more powerful treatments, you can visit your dermatologist for more powerful treatments. Botox and collagen are currently two of the most popular wrinkle-reducing injectables. This is because they are injected directly into the wrinkles to smooth them out.  The effect of Botox lasts six months. Although there are possible side effects, these are temporary minimal redness, swelling, and bruising at the injection site.

perfect skin at any age

The Amazing 40’s

Deeper wrinkles and loss of elasticity and firmness are the biggest skin complaints of women in their 40s.  The lines around the mouth, nose base and corner of the eyes become more noticed.  The cause is a steady decline in levels of the hormone estrogens, which maintains collagen and elastin.  The skin also loses its ability to retain moisture due to a decrease in lipids in the skin.  The main reason skin gets drier at this age.  Therefore, moisturisers and anti-ageing creams should be the major beauty essentials during this decade.

Your anti-ageing secrets


Change over to hydrating products to replace the water loss from the skin.  Products with hydrating ingredients like glycerine, vitamin E, soy and copper can help.  For example, you can pick from age-defying products like Yves Rocher’s lightening sleeping mask,  Neutrogena Visibly Firm Night Cream, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Advanced/Extreme Time Complex Capsules, and Elizabeth Arden Good Night’s Sleep Restoring Cream.  Others are Forever Living Restorative Night Cream or Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Crème.


Make peels a regular part of your routine to help get rid of surface dryness, while restoring radiance.  For this treatment, you can either get through your dermatologist or do it at home.  For example, you can try Elizabeth Arden Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Treatment, or any other cheaper brand.  You will get the same effect.  You can also consider Botox and collagen injectables to smooth out fine wrinkles.

The Active Ageing 50’s, 60’s & Beyond

The problem of deeper wrinkles continues into the ’50s, ’60s and beyond. The major activity here is to fend off wrinkles as much as possible.  If you want perfect skin at any age, and want your skin to defy the years, use sunscreen every day. A 2013 study found that using sunscreen daily really does prevent wrinkles.  And it is not too late to get the benefit.  Use a product with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Your anti-ageing secrets

Injectable wrinkle fillers

Injectable fillers can give you a more youthful look for a fraction of what a traditional facelift costs. Most will fill lines and wrinkles in less than 30 minutes with results that can last from 4 months to more than a year.

Sleep well

If you are getting less than 7 hours a night or feel exhausted during the day, get help.  Sleeplessness is not a normal part of getting older.  Exercise more, drink less alcohol, and discuss medication options with your doctor. Or seek treatment if you have an underlying problem like depression or anxiety. Seeking treatment can help you sleep better again.

perfect skin at any age

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