Tips To Help You Feel Great

Why You Are Beautiful Inside Out

Tips to help you feel great inside and look fantastic, teaches you how to build self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine, redefine your roles, fall in love, take care of your body, be compassionate towards others, amongst other things.  The following tips to help you feel great are good starters:

Build Confidence Into Your Life

Broaden your horizon by reading more, seek knowledge and information.  Get out of your enclosed space.

Reexamine & Redefine Your Roles

If you’re in a committed relationship that is not giving you positive vibes re-examine your roles and redefine if need be.  If on the other hand, you are not committed, get out of the relationship if it’s giving you sleepless nights.

tips to help you feel beautiful

Fall In Love

You will always feel great, and look great – your eyes and skin get instant rejuvenation.

Be Aware Of Your Moods

Be aware of your moods, particularly the way you treat your body. And the way you hold yourself when you are happy or sad.  If you are happy, you will always walk tall and confident.  But, if you are sad the tendency is to slouch.

Do you constantly reach for food or alcohol when your body is reacting to stress? You will only get momentary relief. Rather than reach for that alcohol or chocolate bar, count up to 100.  If that doesn’t work, go for a walk, book an appointment for a manicure, meditate or pray.

tips to help you feel beautiful

Indulge In Healthy Living

Eat healthily, exercise, and lose weight if excess weight is preventing you from achieving your goals. In any case,  if you’re overweight you already have too much to eat, so give the extra to the hungry. Just as you reach out to help, others are eager to return your love. Such kindness will make you feel great.

Rearrange Your Lifestyle

Rearrange some aspects of your lifestyle, so you can meet new challenges as they come while giving you extra time to unwind.

Be Compassionate

For attractive lips, speak words of compassion. When you snarl, speak bitter or unkind words, your lips don’t look too pretty. For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. If you’re always looking for imperfections, your eyes will be sad and cold. This replaces the warm, passionately sensual, and sparkling eyes you display when encouraging others.

Show Warmth, Laugh, And Play

So go on, show warmth to others, smile, laugh and you will feel great. For luscious hair, let a child play with your hair once a day.  Yes, I know, you don’t want your hairstyle messed up.  But believe me, there is nothing like a child’s love, it makes you feel great.

Work On Your Appearance

Work on your appearance and be charming. If you’re scruffy, people will treat you with disrespect.   If you’re charming, you will reduce the barrier between yourself and other people. Putting a smile on someone’s face when all hope seems lost makes you glow inside, and that’s awesome. 

Bisi Abiola, CEO, Indulge

Have Space For Beauty Routine

Yes, it’s good to make space for a beauty routine in your life. It’s good to follow simple skincare and haircare routine.  It’s good to visit the dentist once in a while for scaling and polishing.  However, the truth is that you feel great as you grow older. This is because you’re more in tune with your body.  You know it well and know what to do to make it perform at its best.  Let me put it this way, experience is the best teacher, don’t you agree?

tips to help you feel beautiful

Show Love And Empathy

True inner beauty is showing kindness and empathy. While it’s OK to be committed and work at looking good, then again, the beauty of a woman is not only in a facial mode. True inner beauty is showing kindness and love to others which makes you feel great and look awesome.  On a final note, the article, Tips to Help you Feel Great, emphasises that your loveliness is the beauty people see, as your facial and body perfection slowly become less important.

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